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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Reddin Publishes Devotional Book

by Wade Allen

101 Cups of Coffee, a daily devotional book by George L. Reddin, was unveiled on April 19 at the annual session of the BMA of America in Springfield, Mo. Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish offered Reddin space at the Lifeword display for book signing and initial sales. Reddin served as Lifeword director from 1986 to 2011.

Reddin draws on his 23 years of service as a pastor and 31 years at Lifeword to offer inspiration for spiritual growth and encouragement. The book is a compilation of selected articles he has written in church bulletins and Lifeword publications and focuses on BMA people, churches and cooperative work.

“It offers insights into biblical passages, explores the wonders of congregational and denominational life and inspires believers who dare to excel as Christian warriors,” Reddin explained.

Reddin and his wife, Jerene spent Tuesday signing books and greeting friends at the national meeting. He said it brought back memories of helping man the Lifeword booth at the BMA meeting over the years.

“Donny Parrish was so gracious to haul the books from the printer in Conway to the BMA meeting and offer me a spot at the Lifeword table. We sold a lot of books, but the best parts were the hugs and kind words from so many friends — it was like a family reunion. Health issues have prevented my attendance at the BMA for the past few years, and I have missed it so much. Seeing everyone was a real shot in the arm,” Reddin said.

Books are available for $16 (including sales tax) by calling or texting Jerene Reddin at (501) 733-0996, emailing her at or writing to the Reddins at 9 Cumbrian Drive, Bella Vista, Ark. 72714.