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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Sharing the Gospel in Romania

Since 2021, Lifeword Global Partner Bogdan Bilav has worked toward creating a Bible translation of the Romani-gypsy language. Since that time there have been obstacles like COVID and the war in Ukraine, but with the help of Wycliffe and gypsy translators, they have begun the lengthy process of sharing the gospel in the heart language of the Roma people.

Early on, Bogdan decided to record the audio version first instead of waiting on the print version. Shoni, one of the gypsy ministry leaders, is recording that translation for the Roma beginning with the Gospels. Bogdan believes those recordings are the best way to get the gospel to them quickly, then he will focus on translating a print version. He and his team are also discussing ways to extend their programming to reach children.

They have had several meetings with Wycliffe representatives regarding the Romani language Bible translation, and are determined to intensify their work. Bogdan says, “We started a while ago and up until now there is not much result, but we are praying for this project to come to a final end and to have the entire Bible translated and available for all the gypsy communities to use.”

Bogdan is currently helping with relief aid to Ukrainian refugees as they cross the border into Romania, often in transit to other countries. Others, however, are unable to go any further and require long-term aid. Please pray for the gypsy recordings to be completed and for refugees with whom the gospel is being shared.

Team Lifeword Information

Lifeword Sunday 2022 is Oct. 23! If your church would like to schedule Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish or another team member to share what God is doing through Lifeword’s ministry, contact Director of Church Connections Jennifer Harrell at

Please pray for continued provision and protection for Lifeword global partners in Ukraine and surrounding areas. Churches are continuing to house refugees and provide supplies for those in need. Also pray for team members working with a new mission in El Salvador who are using Lifeword to expand their gospel reach in their area.

Join us in praising God that Tanzania is using Lifeword programming to reach surrounding countries. Many are making professions of faith each week because of local radio programs. Praise Him also that, despite the military coup in Myanmar and communications lines being commandeered, the gospel is still heard by hundreds of thousands through videos posted on social media outlets.

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Holly Meriweather
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