Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Board of Trustee Meeting Highlights

The CBC Board of Trustees met on Friday and Saturday, June 24-25. The three standing committees of the board (Academic, Advancement and Finance) met on Friday evening to conduct business and hear recommendations from the CBC Executive Leadership Team.

The full board convened on Saturday morning. Board member Lincoln Dial opened the meeting by giving his personal testimony. All members of the Executive Leadership Team and the Faculty Council Moderator gave a report relative to his/her area of responsibility. Each committee secretary gave a report of his/her respective committee meeting, the Chair of the Assessment and Planning Committee presented a new Strategic Plan and the Board appointed a nominating committee for 2023 Board officers. The following are some highlights of the Board meeting:

• Approved the following from the Academic Committee:

New Courses: Coaching Sport Skills I, Coaching Sport Skills II, Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Mental Illness and Criminal Justice and Special Topics.

New Minors: Kinesiology/Education Coaching, Forensic Psychology and General Psychology.

Degree Revision: BSE Health & PE.

• Approved the following from the Advancement Committee:

2022-2023 Traditional Student Handbook, 2022-2023 PACE and Online Studies Student Handbook, and 2022-2023 Student-Athlete Handbook. 

2022-2023 Guidelines for Facilities Use and 2022-2023 College Facilities and Events Policy.

• Approved the following from the Finance Committee:

Tuition & Fees and Room & Board for 2023-2024.

Current Fund Budget for 2022-2023.