Monday, June 17, 2024
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Back to Sunday School Month

By Jordan Tew, Executive DirectorBaptist Publishing House

Baptist Publishing House has designated September as Back to Sunday School Month (B2SS). Fall is a time when we all begin to get back into a normal routine, and it is the beginning of the church year for many congregations. Therefore, it is the perfect time for churches to place an emphasis on their Sunday School ministries. 

We are asking churches to consider how effective and important a vibrant Sunday School ministry can be in discipling church members and reaching the lost. I recently learned about a family of five that came to the Lord and was baptized as a result of using the Baptist Expositor curriculum in their Sunday School class!

To help churches rev up and reignite their Sunday School ministries, we have developed the “B2SS Playbook.” This resource includes several resources to help pastors and Sunday School teachers reinvigorate their Sunday School ministries. Here are some practical steps every congregation can take are:

• Pray for your Sunday School teachers and classes.

• Begin a new class.

• Visit inactive members, give them a Sunday School book and invite them to join your class.

• Visit shut-ins and give them a Sunday School book so they can study at home. 

• Host a Sunday School fellowship.

More information and ideas are included in the B2SS Playbook. You can download it at I hope you will join the 60+ churches that have already signed up for this important ministry effort!