Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Brian & Pam Risner • Romania

Family Update — Hurry, hurry, wait — that seems like our motto for this year! With everyone in school, the ministry here in Brasov and the kids finishing their last year of high school, everything seems to go at double speed. Then, randomly, it almost comes to a halt. Since April, we have been on furlough, a prayer retreat and helped coordinate our Romanian church camp. The kids were like a machine during this furlough. With this being our second furlough, we had a technique for the table, from setting it up to taking it down. Also, the kids are in their senior year of high school and have begun preparations for college.

There is something special about preparing for home church in your own home — collecting all the chairs you can find (to fit 20 plus people) and preparing breakfast is a must.

Bryan and Dani Bagosi led church camp 2022. This year’s theme is “What’s Next?” Last year’s theme was “The GOSPEL.” Most of last year’s students were saved, and many returned to camp this year. Because of this, Bryan chose to focus on how to move forward once you are saved. We know of four students who were saved, and several students became serious about their faith as a result of this year’s camp. This year’s camp was special. On the last night (Friday night), most students went to the front, knelt down and laid their lives at God’s feet. Tears of guilt, freedom and happiness were shed that night.

Santandrei (Roma) Ministry Update — We are thankful for improvement, although slow, with our children’s ministry, but we still have a long way to go. Almost weekly, we have had our building vandalized in different ways. We have two young men, Serban and Octavian, that have been disrupting the kids’ program. Please keep them in your prayers as our team strategizes to devise a solution to help protect our building that does not ruin the relationships we have worked hard to gain.

On a happier note, the children are meeting weekly for a time of songs, Bible stories and games. Please continue praying for Lavi and Walid as they work so hard with these children. As we often say about this ministry, it takes time to see these children grow. It is not always encouraging when everything you do seems to be in vain.

Marius has continued to make home visits to that community. He is meeting with individuals on Sundays for a Bible study and to pray over them. Please keep Marius in your prayers because, just like the children in this community, it can take a long time to see growth in the adults.

Brasov Ministry Update — We (as well as Candra) have been living in Ghimbav for over a year now, and have started our Sunday morning services meeting on a rotating basis in our homes. We have continued to meet every other Thursday for our growth groups (our small groups), where we study Scripture and encourage each other. Bryan and Cristian will be meeting in the upcoming week to discuss the possibility of a meeting location, as we have almost outgrown our living rooms.

In addition, our men are praying about the opportunity to “join hands” with a local university and teach a reading program to the Roma people in our area. We also continue to be in contact with our Ukrainian friends (refugees) and offer assistance as we can. We have many opportunities to pray about, so please join us in prayer as we seek God’s direction in these areas. Including opportunities to serve in our surrounding cities and villages and for us as we intentionally shop, eat and do life with the local people of Ghimbav and Brasov.

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