Sunday, March 3, 2024
Sunday, March 3, 2024
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The Master’s Builder “Raising Roofs for Christ”

by Nelda Malone

On Sept. 12, The Master’s Builders began work on a new 11,475 sq. ft. building for Celebration Baptist Church in Haskell. The Master’s Builders had helped in the construction of their original building in 2007 and were called upon to help with their new 135’ x 85’ building. This was such a blessing to The Master’s Builders knowing that this church grew so much that we were called on to build again!

The interior had all metal studs and was a challenging, but rewarding, build for The Master’s Builders. (If you have access to Facebook, you can see the pictures and will be able to see more information on the work done at Celebration.) The building will have three classrooms, a large youth room, two large restrooms, a large foyer/gathering area and a new sanctuary with a seating capacity of 299!

Celebration is the home church of Dale and Daisy Redman, one of our Master’s Builders couples. The Builders all got to enjoy their four-year-old great-grandson, Riley, who was a great help when you needed dropped screws gathered up with our magnet stick! He brightened our day with his ready smile and sweet spirit. Dale Redman worked tirelessly to coordinate the building activities before and during the job. His efforts were much appreciated.

Pastor Allan Eakin, and many of the men from the church, helped alongside our men as they worked. These men were Mike Krebs, Zane Clark, Doyle Sheppard, Skylar Roth, Jared Eakin, Chris Moore, Gary Stone and Bryan Clay. Bro. Clay is a BMA of Ark. missionary at Faith Journey Church in Benton. He and his family have been at Celebration Baptist for many years and have watched the church body grow since 2007. We could not have accomplished what we did without each of these men. What an amazing group! Each one will never know what a blessing and encouragement they were to our men. Thank you, Lord, for each one.

Many of the men and women of the church worked tirelessly to feed us each day with delicious homemade meals. There was much love shown in the meals that were prepared and some of us may have picked up a pound or two despite the hard work! We experienced love and fellowship from the entire church family and have made many new friends. Thank you, Pastor Eakin, and the entire church family, for the opportunity to serve our Lord by working at Celebration Baptist. It all came together in the Lord’s time and the work went very well!

While at Celebration, our ladies group boxed up our Everlasting Smiles shoeboxes to get them ready to go to Conway. This is always so much fun and is very rewarding for all the ladies! This year the boxes will go to Ukraine and Romania and each box was prepared with love and prayer.

The Master’s Builders plan to be at the We Are Free complex starting Oct. 3 for a week of work. If you are close and would like to help, please come out to see us. If you have questions about our ministry or if your church has building needs, please contact Mike Green at (972) 935-3877, David Axe at (903) 918-0729 or Eddie Sikes at (479) 462-1675.

Get to know us on Facebook! Like us at “The Master’s Builders” (we have an arbor logo).