Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Lifeword Sunday

By Heather Harrison, Lifeword Writer

“Go and make disciples of all nations…” When Jesus first proclaimed these words, did He envision people would still be taking His commission seriously, using a variety of methods, thousands of years later? When His words first rang out, there were no cell phones, no social media and no email. There were simply men and women who heard the Greatest News, received it and told others. God worked mightily through their simple obedience to His charge.

God is still working mightily today, drawing multitudes into His Kingdom. We are living in a time when He has not only strategically placed foreign and local missionaries around the world to share the gospel, but a time when getting the gospel across the world can even happen with a click or post. We are living in a time when information travels faster than ever before. To pause and consider what God is doing around the globe is astounding.

In a letter to pastors, Lifeword’s Executive Director Donny Parrish shared that the audience participation for recently topped 2.2 million people in a 30-day span, putting Lifeword in the top 11% of all website traffic in the entire world! Those numbers reach millions more when Lifeword radio listeners are added. 

He added, “Lifeword is taking the gospel of Jesus to millions of people every day. In 140 different languages and to a potential audience of billions, Lifeword shares the hope of Jesus with those who have very little access to the gospel…. Beginning in 2023, will also include a discipleship portal where these millions of people, and the people in your church, can begin a discipleship journey with Christ. God is blessing Lifeword with more people being impacted with the gospel than at any time in its history.”

The message of Christ’s life, death and resurrection is the same, but the methods we’ve been given are ever-expanding. What a privilege and responsibility! What a time to be alive! We don’t take this lightly but believe God has uniquely positioned us to share in new ways.

This could not happen without you. We are grateful for your partnership which helps continue and broaden Lifeword’s work. Your support and involvement allow Lifeword to live out the theme for this year’s Lifeword Sunday: No Borders. The ministry of Lifeword has no borders because God’s kingdom has no borders. God’s kingdom is for every tongue, every tribe and every nation. There is no boundary or limit to the gospel’s reach. The message of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be stopped.

On Oct. 23, churches around the country will participate in Lifeword Sunday: No Borders by praying and giving to help continue and broaden Lifeword’s work. Your partnership in Lifeword Sunday allows us to expand our reach in all areas. Things like adding radio transmitters in remote areas and increasing the number of languages we serve would not be possible without your financial support.

Is your church involved? You don’t want to miss this opportunity to partner with us and make this the biggest one yet! Team Lifeword Leaders/pastors can register their church at or contact Director Of Church Relations Jennifer Harrell at

We read, in Matt. 24:14 (NKJV), “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations…” The God who gave the commission to spread the gospel to all nations also gave the promise that it will happen. What grace that He involves us in the fulfillment of that promise!

Team Lifeword Information

We hope your church is making plans to participate in Lifeword Sunday! Register today at You will also find the download to this year’s video and a media kit with additional resources to help you promote this special day.

Lifeword Sunday T-shirts are available for purchase. All proceeds go to Lifeword’s mission of sharing the love of Jesus around the world with No Borders! 

  If you need assistance to register, order T-shirts or download the video, contact Jennifer Harrell at (501) 329-6891.