Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Time flies, and I will graduate with my EdD in August of 2023. Praise God! I can’t make it without your prayers, support and love, and I am thankful! As planned, after graduation, I will prepare to return to Cambodia’s mission field as a BMA missionary. That will be in 2024.

I am so very excited about that. Up to this moment, I already know exactly what I need to do when my foot touches the ground. We will start the school and name it Hope to the Future Bible Institute & Vocational/Technical Trainings — a mission of the BMA of America.

It will become a place where children who have no birth registration will receive a birth registration, learn how to read and write Bible literacy and be trained to do nursing, sewing, plumbing, fixing electricity, building, cooking, teaching and more. I am passionate about the nursing program because I know they need it.

After graduation, I will sit down with professionals in the field to develop a special curriculum for the target population so they can move forward in life and become a blessing to their family and community. I will share more about that in a detailed project, but I warn you, folks, it will keep you busy with joy and praise! The future is coming! Please keep praying! More importantly, I wish y’all, my beloved friends and supporters, a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Love and appreciation to y’all!

More on Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future is a special project of Jesus’ lovers and followers to deliver His hope to the children who are born without a birth certificate and illiterate to become productive citizens before God and man.

Hope for the Future will provide for students:

• Vocational training: Nursing programs, baking and sewing, electrical and plumbing, construction skills, computer, electrical devices, bookkeeping, etc. — anything that could help them earn a living! They will become a blessing to their families and the community around them.

• We also plan to provide a particular birth registration form to the children. That will give them a name to call and a birthday record.

Please pray that BMAA will approve it as the first department of the association overseas. The mission will not only serve the stateless population but also intends to be a leadership and cultural center of BMAA overseas, which presents the goodwill of BMAA on a global scale. (putting my studies into action, folks!) Please pray!

If you have any questions, please contact me at roseng2021@gmail.com.

If God puts this in your heart, please pray for: my study (the dissertation, graduation), the Hope and Future Institution, the transition of my legal status from student to worker and the plan to come back to the field in 2024. (roseng2021@gmail.com)