Monday, June 17, 2024
Monday, June 17, 2024
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New BMA of Arkansas Insert

In this issue, you will find a new insert that we are excited to debut in conjunction with the BMA of Arkansas annual meeting that meets this week. The idea behind this insert (Arkansas:Transformed) is to share stories of transformation from the ministries of the BMA of Arkansas that go beyond the usual reports that appear in each issue of the Baptist Trumpet.

As I have been traveling to the association meetings (local, state and national) over the past few years to represent the Baptist Trumpet, I have noticed the decline in participation from many churches on every level, but especially at the district meetings. In discussing this with others in leadership, we began brainstorming ideas of how we can attempt to reengage these churches and pastors about the importance of being involved with the association on every level. What led to this insert was the idea of telling some of the stories that we don’t have room to share each week about how God is working through the associated work in the BMA of Arkansas to transform lives for His honor and glory.

My prayer is that, through these stories, we will all be encouraged that, not only is God still working, but He is doing so because the churches in the BMA of Arkansas are coming together to support the departments that are carrying out their respective missions. The old adage, “We can do more together,” is never more true than when we consider what we are able to do as an association of churches. The reach of the ministry of your local church goes much farther than where you and your church are located. It reaches every place where our state missionaries are serving, the homes of every student at Central Baptist College and the lives of every worker and student that is touched by the work of Student Ministry Matters (BMA of Arkansas Youth Department).

Thank you for your continued support of the ministry of the Baptist Trumpet as we seek to keep you informed about the BMA and inspired to live your life for the glory of God every day!