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Friday, June 21, 2024
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STAND FIRM: Future Headline Came Too Fast

Well, I wasn’t fast enough. Anyone who followed my sports career know that’s true, but I’m referring to my writing articles on future headlines. A couple months back, I did a series of “Future Headline” articles which looked at prophecy in terms of headlines we will see according to Bible prophecy. I limited myself to only 11 — yeah, just 11! It could have been tons, though, which is a testament to the number of details about the end of the age we have in Scripture.

One of those future headlines I made a note to write about has already run. I was too late. What was a future headline has already fallen out of the news cycle. Of course, it will reappear over and over again.

This now past headline doesn’t prove we’re in the last days, but it is consistent with the trajectory that leads us from where we are to that final time period. The headlines that were run related to the subject of parallel Bible prophecy, but also pointed to the validity of God and His unfolding plan.

Have I built up enough suspense? Are you ready?

Here are those future headlines I had planned to write about that have already run:

• “Kanye West Spreads Antisemitism and Hate Through Social Media”

• “Kanye West Made Anti-Semitic Remarks, Other Incendiary Claims in Clips Left Out of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Interview”

• “Social media, Online Echo Chambers Fueling Antisemitism”

• “Anti-Defamation League Calls on Adidas to Drop Kanye West After Anti-Semitic Remarks”

• “Don McLean Calls Kanye West an ‘Attention-Seeking Fool’ Over Antisemitic Rants”

• “Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Drops Kanye West Over Anti-Semitism”

• “Antisemitic Incidents Set All-Time High in US in 2021”

• “Jewish Students Say They Have Begun to Feel Unsafe on Local Campuses”

• “Anti-Semitic Speech Is Getting Louder, Hate Crimes Are Rising Around the World”

• “Europe’s Worrying Surge of Antisemitism”

• “Survey: About 1 in 4 Europeans hold Anti-Semitic Beliefs”

• “Antisemitism on Rise Across Europe ‘in Worst Times Since the Nazis’” (2014)

• “UK anti-Semitism reaches record high in 2021”

• “Germany: Over 2,700 antisemitic Incidents Reported in 2021”

• “Austria Sees Record Number of Antisemitic Incidents”

First, who had Kanye West, Don McLean and Johnny Depp on your Last Days Bingo Card? Well, maybe Don McLean as a prophet.

Those names aren’t the important part of these real headlines. Most of the headlines are for the past month, though the European headlines date back to 2014.

I had planned to write an article on Antisemitism incidents and its rise being future headlines, but obviously I’m too late. Unfortunately, this trend will grow and grow. We know this first because Revelation 12 tells us that Satan will pursue them, but we also know this because of the final scene of this age. The final scene is an image that has repeated itself throughout history — an army surrounding the Jewish people in Jerusalem, hellbent to wipe them out.

Except this final surrounding will be the largest as the Antichrist gathers the armies of the world to help him finish his three-and-a-half-year campaign against the Jewish people. Old Testament prophets called this the “time of Jacob’s Trouble.” It is warned to be the most horrific against Israel, but just like in every other past scenario, God will rescue them. This time they’re rescued by the returning Jesus.

Therefore, for the world to rally behind the Antichrist in his genocide against the Jewish people there has to be a rise in Antisemitism. Thankfully, most of these headlines were bringing awareness and pointing out the evil of antisemitism, but they won’t stay that way.

Not only does there have to be a rise in antisemitism for the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” to occur, but Jer. 16:16 suggests such evil will occur, leading to bringing even more of the Jewish people home.

This is an important issue for us, the church. When we go back to the causes of the Holocaust, which is a forerunner of the events of the “time of Jacob’s troubles,” we see the teachings of the western church actually contributed to the complacencies of the atrocities against the Jews. For this reason, a few years ago, I created a seminar for churches called, “Church, We Must Get Israel Right.”

And, church, we must.

We must so that we don’t fall into the trap of antisemitism nor be complacent that it occurs. We also need to see that this strange hatred toward the Jewish people validates the truth of Scripture and the unfolding of God’s plan.

Jake is the newest state missionary and would love to share about the work in Northwest Arkansas and encourage your church to stand firm. (