Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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LIFEWORD CLOUD: Lifeword Around the World

by Heather Harrison, Lifeword Writer

Imagine if we could see all God is doing around the world. While our current view of His activity is limited — we might see what He’s doing in our own lives or in our family or community — we know if we could see the bigger picture, we would be amazed!

At Lifeword, we are able to see glimpses of the work of God and His people in many areas. Allow us to take you on a trip around the world, from continent to continent, to give you a quick snapshot of all He is doing through the ministry of Lifeword and the men and women committed to taking Christ to the ends of the Earth.


In Nigeria, God’s Word is bearing fruit in the lives of church members and disciples amid political and economic challenges. A former wizard, Bro. Job has not only come to know Christ, but he is also growing and serving through Bible study, prayer and witnessing! Their discipleship class is growing, and God is working through those who participate.

Many people accepted Christ or rededicated their lives to Christ at their mid-year conference in Liberia. The Lifeword producers, pastors and church planters are planning to reach the distant towns and villages where there is no church. They are also using the Word of God to resolve conflicts among tribal groups in Liberia after 15 years of civil conflict. Through prayers and with the help of God, all the divided tribes are once more serving the Lord together in the churches.

The gospel is spreading in Ghana, despite the ongoing security threats and difficult living conditions. The satellite churches are vibrant and increasing in membership. The main church has grown so much that the structure could no longer hold all the people who gather on Sundays. Praise God for the new chapel being built. Six mission points have been opened in nearby villages where more people can meet and fellowship.

  The team in Tanzania is continuing to broadcast the Lifeword program each Sunday for Swahili speakers around the world. They are continuing to add to their local languages on the Lifeword Cloud and YouTube.

  Our brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso are undergoing terrorist attacks and turmoil. Many churches have been closed, causing pastors to come to Ouagadougou with their families to be cared for by the mother churches.


Some of the videos the Lifeword team in Lebanon has produced have “gone viral” — meaning thousands more are hearing about Jesus, and their number of online “followers” are growing. The team is also continuing their work on the one-minute apologetics videos. God is moving among the young people there as Lifeword workers are engaging those who watch their videos and respond.

Lifeword is sharing a devotional in Nepal that is growing in participation. Paala Khan and his family came to faith and are now facing persecution, but they are still growing in the Lord faithfully! Because of this testimony, more of those from Muslim families are coming to faith and have opened their hearts to Jesus.

In the Philippines, the video “Who is Jesus to You,” has been added in the Blaan and T’Boli languages. Radio transmitters and stations have been installed in strategic places to reach more tribal villages with the gospel. Through these radio stations, people can hear the gospel and grow in their knowledge of Scripture.

  People are coming to know Christ in response to Lifeword’s ministry on Facebook and YouTube in Myanmar. The ministry team communicates with them on Facebook Messenger and continues to discuss and build relationships with them.

God continues to establish Lifeword’s work in Japan. The local church there is getting stronger despite difficulties. They are currently working on translating the “Who is Jesus to You” video into Japanese.


As God continues to work through the Lifeword team in Romania, they are seeking FM Radio Licenses for Simleu Silvaniei and surrounding areas. A pastor there is helping with this and has connections with the upper-level government decision-makers. They are currently producing Ukrainian programming and sharing the gospel in four additional languages through social media and the radio.

The Americas

In Nicaragua, the “Marriage Matters” content has been well-received. It is helping numerous marriages and resulting in many opportunities to share the gospel. Several of those couples are now actively attending church services. Next, they will create a video on parenting to help parents while also sharing Jesus. They will also assist team members who work with children in their churches.

  Lifeword in the United States is growing and seeing unprecedented numbers. Millions are watching the videos produced, reading the daily devotional blog and participating in social media., “Follow,” the discipleship portal, is complete and in final edits. We can’t wait to share it with you soon!

Getting a glimpse of God’s work and how He’s using Lifeword around the world is astonishing. We praise God for all He’s doing and that He is inviting many into that fruitful work. We also praise Him for giving us the ability to see His activity on this side of eternity. We thank God, and we thank you for partnering with us!

Merry Christmas from the Lifeword Staff!

It has been an amazing year for the ministry of Lifeword. God has stretched our faith and asked us to trust Him as we moved beyond what we could do alone. He has been faithful to us! As we have done our best to seek His will for Lifeword and move at His command, He has supplied our needs!

In 2022, Lifeword has added 10 new languages and is now sharing the gospel in 140 languages around the world. We have expanded our production capabilities by adding new television studios (now providing at least four times the studio capacity and allowing more room for new broadcasts to reach millions with the love of Christ) and continued to make disciples through the internet (with the new Discipleship Portal, “Follow” coming soon).

Please pray with us as we continue to work toward our goal of sharing the gospel in 200 languages and as we seek to find new, effective ways to make the name of Jesus known among the nations.