Monday, February 26, 2024
Monday, February 26, 2024
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Get All of the Benefits of a Total Access Subscription

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of the new Baptist Trumpet Total Access Subscription? The Baptist Trumpet recently launched the Total Access Subscription in an effort to provide its subscribers with new options for receiving their weekly issue of the Baptist Trumpet.

The Total Access Subscription includes all paid subscriptions and allows the subscriber to choose the preferred manner of delivery of each copy of the Baptist Trumpet. Delivery options include a printed paper, a digital copy sent via email or accessing the news items at Everything in the print copy is found in the digital copy and on the website. Subscribers can choose one method of delivery or all three methods of delivery. 

The print copy of the Baptist Trumpet is delivered weekly (45 times a year) to a subscriber’s postal address via the U. S. Postal Service. Usually, the printed copy arrives on Friday or Saturday. Of course, the further a subscriber lives from Little Rock, the longer the delivery time. In recent months, some print subscribers have experienced delivery issues. Unfortunately, the delivery issues do not involve the Baptist Trumpet production of the paper. Unless we are providentially hindered, we produce the paper and have it to the printer each Tuesday in the early afternoon so they can print them overnight, label them at our mailer/distributor who then delivers them to the post office on Wednesday to be mailed out.

The digital copy of the Baptist Trumpet, known as the E-Trumpet, is delivered weekly (45 times a year) to a subscriber’s email address. The E-Trumpet is delivered on Tuesdays at about 5:30 p.m. The E-Trumpet is formatted just like the print copy. A subscriber can open the .pdf and view the digital copy on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The E-Trumpet also comes in an interactive version, which the subscriber can open and select an individual article to read. The selected article will enlarge on the screen and allow the subscriber to zoom in or enlarge the text for a more comfortable reading experience. An email on record at the Baptist Trumpet office is all that is necessary to receive the E-Trumpet.

The Baptist Trumpet website contains the same articles and information as the printed version of the Baptist Trumpet and the E-Trumpet. Articles found at are posted on Tuesdays at about 2 p.m. Like the typical website, the subscriber can select the preferred article and it will display for easy reading. Most articles found at require the subscriber to log in to the website to access the content. A few, particularly those that provide information about local, state and national meetings, are available without logging in or even having a subscription to the Baptist Trumpet. To get login credentials, email me at requesting login credentials to the website and I will provide those at the first opportunity.

So, what does this mean for a Baptist Trumpet subscriber? For the same price, you can receive the Baptist Trumpet in a variety of ways. Every subscriber is entitled to access to the website. Beyond that, you can choose to receive your weekly Baptist Trumpet in your mailbox, your inbox or both.

What are the action steps?

• To take advantage of, email me at requesting login credentials to the website.

• To request receipt of the E-Trumpet, email me at with your request and that option will be added to your subscription.

No one likes being short-changed. No one likes discovering that they did not take advantage of all opportunities available to them. So, take advantage of your new Baptist Trumpet Total Access subscription today.