Monday, June 17, 2024
Monday, June 17, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Bryan & Pam Risner • Romania

The month of December was full of laughter and lots of busy moments. We had lots of visitors from the States for the Christmas and New Year seasons but continued to work with the ministry in Brasov. Our family visited a few times in the Oradea area to start meetings with the new church plant.

The kids (mostly the girls) love visiting the Christmas markets in Europe. The delicious foods and the Christmas cheer were everywhere that evening.

What a blessing to gift coats and toys to the children for Christmas. The smiles on their faces and the excited voices made all the hassle worth it.

Our family is so thankful for all of our financial supporters and the people who have continued to pray for us. You guys are the reason we can do ministry here.

The Christmas season is full of laughter and love, and one of the ways we love on people here is to gift a tin of cookies. Pam, Candra and the girls made over 200 cookies to give to over 14 families or businesses. Most were extremely thankful and excited and that is all that matters.

Glancing Back and Looking Forward

• Santandrei (Roma/Gypsy) — The Santandrei ministry is very slow but rewarding. The ministry leaders are Lavi and Marius. They have made an enormous difference in the community, and continue to do so weekly. Lavi works with the children weekly and has recently started to use her felt board, which has kept their attention a bit more than usual. The children have begun to understand and ask appropriate questions. Marius has thrived with working with the adults in the community. There is one man in the village who has started reading the Bible in the mornings and praying. Pray that God can use this man, in his family and in his community.

• Brasov (Return Church) — The ministry in Brasov has continued to thrive. They meet weekly as a whole and have a service with songs and a sermon. Please pray for this ministry as we have started to transition out and begin a new ministry.

• Oradea (New Church Plant) — We have been meeting monthly, but at the end of January we began Sunday meetings as a traditional Sunday service that lasts three hours. Bryan and Dani are leading meetings with the Oradea ministry team. Please pray as our family and the Bagosis are still inviting and building our core group of this church plant, and that the other churches around this area will not cause problems for the new church.

Praise Reports

• “Return” church plant in Ghimbav is outgrowing in-home meetings 

• Fellowship time with Return Church family

• Carina (Roma ministry) is meeting weekly with Lavi

• Our language comprehension is growing

• Our prayer and financial partners

• The opportunity to serve in Romania

We ask that you join us in prayer for the following:

• Santandrei Roma Ministry (1:1 Bible studies, vandalism issues, fence for property, children’s behavior and Carina’s walk with Christ)

• Brasov Ministry (college ministry with Roma community, weekly discipleship meetings, Sunday meeting location and evangelism opportunities)

• Our transition (in January) to Oradea

• Our new ministry opportunity in Oradea

• Scholarships for the kids’ college

• Our language skills to increase

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