Thursday, May 23, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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CBC Graduate Found God’s Plan

My name is Caitlyn Hiland. I am a 2020 graduate of Central Baptist College, where I received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. My road to CBC looks different than that of many of my classmates. When I was looking at colleges at the end of my junior year and the beginning of my senior year, I never thought about Central Baptist College as an option for continuing my education.

 CBC was never my plan, but CBC was God’s plan. 

My plans were to attend a large university and live the stereotypical “college life.” That is not what happened. When I came to CBC, I didn’t think I would love my classes. I didn’t think I would enjoy being so close to home. I didn’t think I would make new friends and I definitely didn’t expect to grow in my relationship with the Lord. Funny thing… That’s exactly what happened. 

As a business major, I came out of the department with a strong knowledge of how business works in my community. I also learned how global business works. Upon graduation, I felt prepared for employment. I had job-specific knowledge and the resources I needed to help me find a job. Dr. Beth Cantrell made sure of that. She helped me with the job hunt and made me want to succeed. That’s how the professors are at CBC — they genuinely love and want what’s best for their students. 

My relationship with God changed because of my time at CBC. I was offered the opportunity not only to grow academically but also to grow spiritually. I learned what true grace is. I learned about the character of God and His mercy. I left wanting to grow deeper with Him. 

I made lifelong friends on campus, friends that I know will always love me and will be praying for me, just like I will for them. We may not see each other as often anymore, but I know I can count on them at any time or anywhere. 

I now work as the assistant office manager for Senator Boozman in Washington, D.C. I am excited to continue my work for the State of Arkansas in Senator Boozman’s DC office. Senator Boozman has long been someone I have respected as a leader for the state, and I am honored to be able to learn, not only from him but from his staff as well. 

In the role of assistant office manager, I help provide superior, constituent service for which Senator Boozman is known. I answer questions from Arkansans who call the Senator’s Washington office about pending legislation and debates on the Senate floor. I fulfill requests for flags flown over the U.S. Capitol, and I help with the training of our office staff. 

When asked, Senator Boozman said, “Caitlyn is a great addition to our team. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to public service that will benefit Arkansans in her new role and help us continue to support the needs of our state.” 

None of this would have happened without CBC. The institution gave me a place and a chance to grow. I was able to make connections and relationships that will follow me throughout my life. I can only hope that everyone can experience the opportunities that I’ve had at CBC 

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