Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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The Gospel Spreads from Liberia to Surrounding Countries

by Heather Harrison

In 2003, the brutal Liberian Civil War ended after raging for 14 years. 2003 was also the year Lifeword Media Ministry began there. Pastor Abraham Cheyee, along with some of the Krahn language speaking pastors, began visiting towns and villages as the refugees were returning home to rebuild their town and villages. They saw many come to know Christ and were able to provide comfort for them through the gospel. The people were in great need and were hungry for hope.

Since that time, the media ministry has grown and seen many lives transformed. In addition to Pastor Cheyee’s ministry to the Krahn speakers, Taweh Sheriff has been ministering to those who speak the Vai language along the Liberia Sierra Leone border. Another ministry in Liberia is the Liberian English program, led by Pastor Prince Jessie, which mainly ministers to the youth and other Liberians who cannot speak their own mother tongue. Drugs and alcohol have plagued the youth in Liberia, but Pastor Jessie uses the Media Ministry to reach them with the gospel.

The Lifeword producers, pastors and church planters are reaching more distant towns and villages where there are no churches. In a recent email, Pastor Abraham Cheyee, who is the coordinator of this area, shared Matt. 24:14 (ESV), which says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” He reports many salvations and transformed lives, including the resolution of tribal conflicts that had been occurring for decades. As a result, the previously divided tribes are serving the Lord together and reaching other communities and Guinea.

Please join us in prayer for those who are spending their lives sharing the gospel in Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone and surrounding areas. Please also pray for the people who have yet to hear the gospel, and for Lifeword to move into every area, community and people group with the only message of hope — the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Updates

We are excited to report that Lifeword Sunday 2022 raised over $332,000! We had a total of 203 churches that participated, and we are grateful for the continuous support as we seek to share the gospel around the world with no borders!

We would love the opportunity to share with your church what God is doing through Lifeword. If you would like to schedule a team member to come for a visit, contact Jennifer Harrell at

Lifeword’s discipleship project, FOLLOW, is moving forward. Join us in asking the Lord to lead in the technical details of this effort. We know many will be drawn to Christ through this digital discipleship tool.