Thursday, May 23, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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STAND FIRM: End Times is Bad Marketing

I have written and written about the details of the last days and the need to stand firm in those ultimate trials. I’ve shared one horrific thing after horrific thing from the deception and destruction of the Antichrist, the persecution and turning away of believers. All true. All scriptural. 

When we read the prophets, they pronounce this pending doom and destruction. Jesus said there would be distress unlike there ever has been. The Book of Revelation foretells the judgments and tribulation through the seals, trumpets and bowls of wrath. Horrific things, but following those prophecies there are other prophecies — positive prophecies. Yes, positive prophecies are a thing.

Every prophet that spoke of the terror of the Day of the Lord followed it with a great promise of hope for the blessings that would follow. Jesus followed up the list of trials of the beginning of birth pains, the Great Tribulation and deception of the Antichrist with the promise of His appearing and gathering together of His people. The Book of Revelation closes with the return of Jesus, the defeat of the Antichrist, the bounding up of Satan, the beginning of the reign of Jesus in His Messianic Kingdom, the New Heavens, the New Earth, the New Jerusalem and the Father dwelling with us like He did in Eden with Adam and Eve.

In each case, the blessings that follow what we call the “end times” greatly eclipse even the immense terror of that time. If we read those prophetic books and passages, it becomes clear that the “end times” isn’t the end of time for believers. Rather the “end times” for believers is the beginning of everything. Our eternal party is only just getting stated in the last days.

The Bible uses terms like “last days” and the “end of the age,” but I believe the church has done a bad job of marketing that time as the “end times.” It is the end of time for nonbelievers to be saved. It is the end of time for Satan. It is the end of time for this corrupt world, but it is not the end times for believers.

For it is at the end of the age that we see the fulfillment of our salvation. It is when we receive our eternal bodies. It is at the end of this age that we will begin to reign with Jesus. It is at the end of this age that all things are made new.

Yes, “end times” is bad marketing. Though there is a horrific brief time for that final generation, it ushers in our blessed hope. We should instead market it as the triumphant return of Jesus. We should recapture the cry of the early church — “Maranatha!” — meaning, “Lord come!” Lord, come and vindicate Your Name and make everything right.

So, it is time we turn from the negative of the end of this age and focus on the positive. I will begin that in my next article as we look at a series — “Heaven is Better Than We Can Imagine.”

— Jake is the newest state missionary and would love to share about the work in Northwest Arkansas and encourage your church to stand firm. (