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STATE MISSIONS: Prayer Request

BMA of Arkansas Hispanic Missions Coordinator Michael Hight is very ill and is currently undergoing treatments at UAMS. Please remember him and his family during this time.

Spring Training

Spring training does not only refer to baseball but missionaries as well. Monday your state missionaries (except for Bro. Michael, of course) met together at StoneRidge Encampment located in Smithville. BMA of America Missions Department President Dr. John David Smith was our guest speaker/teacher.

We had a great time working on our teamwork skills as well as gleaning from Dr. Smith’s lectures. Once a missionary always a missionary. A special thanks to John David for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us in this year’s spring training. Iron sharpens iron, and I am truly thankful for the cooperation that exists within all departments of our association. A special thanks to all those who pray and support this ministry.

R and R

Tuesday afternoon marked the beginning of this year’s R and R retreat 2023. This is a time set aside for pastors and preachers to fellowship, compete in fun activities and worship together. It is a great time to get to know others and to find men you can confide in and with. For those of you who missed it, all I can say it was your loss.

From Our Missionaries

Misión Creciendo en Cristo (Growing in Christ), North Little Rock: Juan Carlos Posadas writes, “Wednesday, Sayra flew to Honduras. She had a pleasant trip without mishaps. Upon meeting her father, she realized that his physical condition was more delicate than what they had told her. The church is praying for Don Miguel’s health, especially for his spiritual health. We hope he can make his profession of faith very soon.

“Monday night, we went shopping at the supermarket and met Melvin, a young Honduran man who was looking for a church to join. We invited him to our meetings, and since Wednesday he has been meeting with us without missing any of the meetings we have had. He came to the youth meeting on Wednesday, then the Thursday House group, the Friday prayer meeting and the Sunday meeting. His desire to congregate is evident. Let us pray for the life of this young man and that the Lord will use us to make him His disciple.

“Saturday, we had a class for baptismal candidates and, at the Sunday meeting, Maylee and Yani were baptized. Yani received Christ as her Lord and Savior on Wednesday, March 15. Maylee turned 11 on Saturday. In her testimony, she told us that she made her profession of faith in the Vacation Bible School last year. She also told us she wants to take steps of obedience to God and serve Him on the worship team. Let us pray they will continue firm in the path of faith and that they will serve the Lord joyfully in the expansion of His kingdom.”

Ebenezer, West Little Rock: Ruben Isturiz writes, “Last week, we had a meeting of the members of Ebenezer and we received three new members, ratified and renewed our leadership. It was a good time to report what God has been doing, but also where we are headed as a community.

“We thank God for this time. It was Spring Break week and, as a family, we took advantage of spending time together. From Wednesday through Saturday, we had a time of rest in Branson, Mo. We saw the play, “Queen Esther.” It was good to remember that God protects His people in the midst of difficult circumstances.

“We had several absences last Sunday due to vacation time and other sickness. Pray for this time when pollen affects many. In many Latin countries it is rare that we have pollen allergies.

“This is the second week that a family from Guatemala is coming to Ebenezer. She is Mexican and he is from Guatemala. Mixed families are common cases here in the USA as new families are forming here. He has a son who is also from Guatemala and, for the second time, they have come to our congregation. I will visit them in their home to get to know them a little more and to know their spiritual needs. Pray that God will guide me in how to minister to them and have God’s wisdom and grace for them. I know they have a thirst for God, and it is an answer to your prayers. Keep praying that God will bring to Ebenezer families with a thirst for His Word. God brought the Venezuelan family, now He brings this family to us. To God be the glory!”

Faith Chapel, Flippin: Johnny Shew writes, (3/19) “I’m late writing this, I had to go preach my sister’s funeral yesterday. It was hard, and very sad, but I know where she is, and I will see her again. Thank you all for your prayers for our family!

“We had a great service Sunday, with both return and first-time visitors. They all said they will come back. After two years and five months, we finished preaching through Acts. What a book! We all learned so much, especially me — not just about the early church, and what the Apostles did, or Paul’s travels, but about how to truly become disciples, and make disciples, and start and grow our church. During all that time and all those messages, there was not a single week that God’s Word and His message was not relevant to the day and to our lives. His Word is amazing! I am praying now about where to go next, but I found out that I love preaching through a whole book. Thank You Tony Crocker, Larry Barker and Cliff Johnson for that advice.

“I’m writing this early Tuesday morning, and while I was gone to Little Rock yesterday, the concrete slab was finished, the power company installed poles and the septic field lines were finally backfilled and covered. You can’t believe how much rock we have hit. Our member doing the excavation says that it is because I preached that we are going to build this church on the solid rock. It looks like we will be ready and waiting for The Master’s Builders to come in April and begin framing our new building. Praise God! He is building His church in Flippin, and we will have a new building before long.

“We thank you all for your prayers and support! Please continue, they mean so much to us!”

(3/26) “What a beautiful spring day we had Sunday! We had return visitors, including last week’s first-time visitors, and we had three first-time visitors this week. We had a great service and began a new series preaching through I Peter. Our first passage, I Peter 1:1-5, was incredible as it talked about our inheritance that is incorruptible, undefiled, that fadeth not away and how we are kept by the power of God, not by our own power, but by His! If that doesn’t cheer you up you need to get checked!

“We made some progress on the building this week. The concrete slab was completed, the septic system is installed and covered, and two of the three power poles were set. They hit rock and are waiting for a different drill so they can get through it. Please pray that power will be completed this week in time for the Master’s Builders to begin framing on Monday, April 3. God’s timing has been perfect so far, and I believe He will meet our every need according to His riches in glory!

“Thank you for your prayers and support. They mean so much to us.” 

Faith Journey, Benton: Bryan Clay writes “Faith Journey enjoyed a BBQ fellowship with all the fixings this week! The warmer weather during Spring Break sure was a nice change, and we are happy about more sunshine as we move into springtime. We were able to slow down and spend some enjoyable time with our families this week for the break. It is always a great time to reconnect and relax with each other, which we don’t always get to do on a daily basis.

“We are starting to look forward to Easter in a couple of weeks. We are planning to get to share the Easter story with an Easter service at the local nursing facilities where we have our weekly Bible studies. Please be in prayer as we bring them the message of Christ’s death and Resurrection. We hope we will be able to share with them and their families the hope we have because of Jesus’ sacrifice for sins that He paid on the cross. It should be a joyous time to share with those residents, staff and families that will come out to be a part of these services.”

Misión Gracia Soberana (Sovereign Grace), NWA: Roberto Marcelletti writes, “We are very grateful to God for what He continues to do every day in Sovereign Grace. New people continue to be added to our Grace Groups. This week, an elderly lady who has just lost her husband of more than 45 years of life together was added to our Springdale Grace Group.

She has just given her life to Christ and, despite passing the 70 years, we see the joy and the sweet love of God’s presence in her life. Each meeting comes with a long list of questions since she was Catholic for more than 70 years. There are many questions and things the other members of the group have to learn to see her with so much love and joy with which she is available in each of the things that she proposes to participate in her first love. It has been a gift to see her arrive. Her name is Angels, and I ask you to pray that she may persevere in the ways of the Lord.”