Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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The Master’s Builders At Daniel Springs Encampment

By Nelda Malone, Reporter

With 2023 well on its way, it was time for The Master’s Builders to get back to work! The Builders began two weeks of work at Daniel Springs Encampment on March 6. As usual, our first job of the year is at the camp in Gary, Texas. This was job #180 for our group and our 13th time to have the privilege of helping out at the camp since The Master’s Builders ministry began in 1991. Our first visit to the camp was in 1995 with the late James Speer as camp director. As always, our plan was to complete whatever tasks Camp Director Jason Prewitt had planned for us to do.

His list included, and work was completed, on the following:

• Build a 100-foot retaining wall,

• Build a storage building for the camp store,

• Remove the old canteen serving counter while preserving all the camp staff names inscribed over the years,

• Install a door in the camp store and office,

• Build three “carpet ball” tables and one new GaGa ball pit,

• Repair 50 chairs,

• Install side rail boards on the new camp dump trailer,

• Replace metal posts with wood posts on the dining hall,

• Remove cinderblock room from canteen area,

• Prepare the kitchen and canteen for spray foam insulation, and

• Remove and replace windows in the canteen for the new serving bar.

We had eight RVs parked at the Daniel Dorm and were excited to be able to hook directly up to the electricity and water outlets that were installed by our men last year. They are so nice! These are available to anyone with an RV when they use the event facilities at the Daniel Dorm. We also had two couples and two men that stayed in the camp worker’s dorms down near the cafeteria. We welcomed two new members, Billy and Dawanna Keys, from De Valls Bluff. What a blessing they are to our Master’s Builders family already!

Each morning at 7, our men begin their workday with a devotional, prayer requests and “circle up” prayer. This year, they started a new tradition of singing “The Family of God” before they break up to begin their workday. The Spirit was truly moving in this time together each morning. What a way to start your day!

  We thank Jason and Jessica Prewitt, and Morgan Sandifer, who work tirelessly at Daniel Springs. They are the best and took great care of us while we were there. Jason can even cook! Who knew a smoker could be so valuable? We were able to enjoy several group meals of smoked meats and even had a wiener roast one evening on the campfire pit. Such wonderful fellowship was enjoyed!

  Thank you to our dear friend, and Jacksonville College alumni, Randy Decker. He came and worked with our men several days and brought the devotional on the first Wednesday night. Randy also led group singing two evenings in a row! On the second Wednesday night, Leo Sketo, from Midway Baptist Church in Mississippi, brought the devotional and Wayne Wimberly, from Old Center Baptist Church in Texas, led us in group singing once again. We certainly made a “joyful noise!” Those old Heavenly Highway hymnals that were donated to us were sure put to good use this trip!

  Our ladies enjoyed our Bible study time each day. We had daily devotionals and continued our study from the book and video series, “More Women of the Bible.” On Tuesdays, we enjoyed “Game Day” with our sisters from Bethel Baptist Church in Clayton, Texas.

  There’s no way we can report all that is done on our jobs, but our Facebook page is a great resource. Rose Bittner doesn’t miss much in updating the work done each day on our page. “Like” our page and “Follow” us on Facebook as we try to continue serving the Lord. Please pray for our men and pray for more workers to be brought to us.

  If all goes as planned, we will begin work at Faith Chapel in Flippin on April 3. We will be building a new sanctuary and plan to be there three weeks. Come by and check in on us if you can or come work alongside us. We would love to meet you and fellowship with you.

  If you have questions about The Master’s Builders Ministry, contact Mike Green at (972) 935-3877, David Axe at (903) 918-0720 or Eddie Sikes at (479) 462-1675.