Monday, February 26, 2024
Monday, February 26, 2024
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2023 Recommendations

Executive Editor’s Note: The following recommendations were not available at the time of printing for last week’s issue, so we are sharing them now that they have been made available.

1. Recommend the adoption of the 2023–2024 Daniel Springs Baptist Camp Budget.

2. Recommend changing the Statement of Principles of Cooperation Article X — Department of Camp Ministries, Section 2, E by adding the word “ministry.” If adopted, it would read: “To require each applicant for a ministry position in the Department of Camp Ministries to sign a statement that he/she agrees with the Doctrinal Statement of this association before election.”

3. Recommend and encourage churches to participate in the Camp Sunday emphasis on June 4, 2023, by praying for and considering taking up a special offering to help Daniel Springs Baptist Camp continue to broaden the opportunities to be a ministry extension of the local church. 

4. Recommend that Jason Prewitt stand as a nominee for the position of Executive Director of the Department of Camp Ministries.

Devin DiGuilio, Chairman

Charlotte Johnson, Secretary