Thursday, May 23, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Fil & Lisa Kakilala • Philippines

Mission Organized — Rejoice! By God’s grace, the mission we planted in the Molo district of Iloilo City in the Philippines was recently organized into a New Testament church. Please pray for River City Baptist Church and her ministry leaders. Pray for the sending church pastor, Ed Dorillo, who continues to use a wheelchair until his legs heal after a crushing accident at work as a carpenter. Pray for the church’s pastor, Noriel Donesa. This new church needs to buy a property to build a ministry center. The driveway/garage at their rented place is no longer adequate for worship and a ministry center. The driveway floods during heavy rain and its tarp roof with bamboo reinforcement gets torn up by strong wind gusts and must be replaced time after time. Since this is at a rental place, the roof over the driveway has to be a temporary cover.

New Mission — Please pray for the new Tree of Life Baptist Mission in Santa Barbara, Iloilo. The congregation was asked to move out of the house where they gathered for worship. They now meet in a small backyard with a large Duldol (Filipino cotton) tree. On Sundays, the covered patio is converted into the church’s stage for the pulpit and worship team. The mission needs to place a roof over the yard to shelter the congregation from sun and rain, and to lay concrete on the dirt ground where chairs are placed for worship. Incidentally, the large Duldol tree has given the idea for the name “Tree of Life Baptist Mission.” However, the Tree of Life in the Bible is the real inspiration. The mission has talented teens who play music specials during worship. Their hardworking pastor is John Paul Haguisan. He and his wife, Romilyn have a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

• Tricycle Ministry — God has answered prayers for Parola Community Baptist Mission in Estancia, Iloilo as the Lord provided a new tricycle for them as their transportation to reach three housing projects. The residents there were relocated and housed by the government after they lost their homes in a super typhoon. The housing projects are far away from town, so the tricycle is a blessing to reach the people with the gospel and with other assistance for them. Let us pray for the continued success of this tricycle ministry where many have already been led through faith in Christ. May the tricycle last for many years and be safe transportation for our faithful witnesses of the gospel. We thank Pastor Remy and Chita Mae Bulohabo for their dedicated service and good leadership at the mission.

• Family News — Please pray for our little grandson, Sage. He had to get treated, for respiratory problems at an urgent care facility late one night. He appears to have asthma, like his Dad (our son, Matthew) had as a toddler. Praise the Lord, Matthew grew out of it. However, it can be critical for a toddler like Sage. Another prayer request is for Matthew, Elizabeth, Brynlee and Sage as they seek God’s direction in their adoption journey for a child. Adoption is a new journey for them, but they have a big heart and a warm home for a child who needs a loving and God-fearing family. Adoption is an expensive journey and requires much patience as they prepare and wait for a child’s arrival. Prayers, and help for their fundraising efforts for adoption, are very much appreciated.

Lisa and I thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement, I have just returned from the mission field in the Philippines and am so excited to share this fresh news and prayer requests. (; 2505 Apple Blossom Ln., Conway, Arkansas 72034; (501) 442-1813)