Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Stan & Donna Scroggins • Philippines

Stan & Donna Scroggins • Philippines

Mabuhay is a Filipino word that is very similar to the Hawaiian Aloha in that it means both hello and goodbye. After weeks of anxiety and exasperation about our departure from the Philippines, we finally began our trip back to the US. Even though we started the downgrading of our visa back in February, about three weeks before our return, we were informed we had to have this NBI clearance (NBI/FBI) to leave the country. A new law requires foreigners living in the Philippines longer than five years to have this clearance. Basically, it documents that you have no legal actions or crimes being litigated. Our agent in Manila said, “No worries, you will just pick up your passports at the terminal when you leave the country.” There are only a million things that can go wrong. After flying from Bacolod to Manila and going through multiple baggage security checks, we transferred to Terminal 1 for our international departure. As we prepared to check-in for our flight, we were met with our passports and clearances ready to go! So, after traveling 9,471 miles in 53 hours, we were finally able to hold our newest granddaughter!

• Darlene Carey Christian Academy — AcademyDirector Raydarlyn Vallejera reports the Darlene Carey Christian Academy is ready to add seventh and eighth grades beginning with the 2023-24 school year. These are small miracles that bring a smile to our faces and gratefulness to the Lord for His blessing. The newest addition of the playground for the academy students is one the kids love. We are very thankful to friends in America who provided the funds for this project.

• Bible College Graduation — Graduation is normally held in May, but because we needed to attend this year’s BMAA meeting in Conway in April, President Lee consented to fast-tracking our fourth-year students for an April graduation. That meant lots of extra teaching, early finals and hurrying to get grades in. The students ask someone to be their Baccalaureate prayer partner, and Donna and I are honored to have been asked.

• Mission Survey Trip to Manila — It has been our great desire to help church plants in Manila — a city of 22,000,000 people who need the Savior. Doug Lee and I recently traveled with four young men to the Island of Luzon to visit missions needing pastoral leadership.

• Paying it Forward — One of the best tools we used in ministry in the Philippines was our faithful 2010 Nissan Navarre truck. It helped us get to our mountain missions, transport supplies for typhoon victims, haul students all over Negros and get building supplies to mission churches. We were able to sell it and use the proceeds to support local missions, the Bible College and the Darlene Carey Christian Academy. Thank you to our sending church, First Baptist Church in Magnolia, who provided the funds for the purchase of the truck back in 2017.

• Missionary Care Conference — After landing in Dallas, Texas, Donna and I immediately flew to Columbia, Mo. to meet our new granddaughter, Emmy Lou Blackman; then it was off to security training for international missionaries. Next, we attended the BMA of America’s annual meeting in Conway. Finally, we enjoyed several days at the Missionary Care Retreat for all interstate and international missionaries. What a great event! Our thanks to Director of Missionary Care Jonathan Montgomery, South City Church and lots of volunteers who cared for us and all the missionary kids for four days. It was a wonderful experience of meeting, sharing and worship of our Lord.

• From Stan — As Donna and I transition to life back in America, we look forward to visiting churches to continue the story of BMA Global Missions. I will continue to serve as the BMA Global Mission Coordinator of Asia Pacific. Right now, we have American missionaries in two creative access countries, Papua New Guinea and, of course, the Philippines. I will be working to find new places for ministry in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and other Asia Pacific locations. We are searching for those God is calling to take the gospel to the most unreached people group in the world. Are you interested? Contact me at (430) 295-4236 or and let me help you fulfill God’s plan in your life. Our work is completely focused on sending the gospel to Southeast Asian countries.

• From Donna — It has been an incredibly wonderful journey. After traveling all over the United States and the world, it is time for me to settle down as a mother and grandmother, get involved in a local church as a regular member and enjoy some of the things I enjoy like golfing, pickleball and taking guitar lessons. We’ve been home almost two weeks, and we haven’t even gotten to our house yet. Stan and I will be living in Bullard, Texas near Graham and Leslie and our three granddaughters — Ava Grace, Edy Rose and Joy Tatum. We will keep the roads well-traveled to Missouri to visit Josh, Kelsey and Emmy Lou. This won’t be the last you hear of us, but for the next few weeks we will take it easy as we transition into what I will call “civilian life.” After 45 years in ministry with Stan, I know the journey is not over, we are just moving into another phase. Life as a Christian is exciting, and I am ready for whatever God has in store. Always pray for us.