Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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I have been cleared by my cardiologist and can already tell the difference — no more chest pains and unusual shortness of breath. Having said that, I would love to come to your church and share the work of your state missionaries during this year’s Special Emphasis time of May, June and July.

Over the Horizon 

No one knows what a day may bring. Pray that God will raise up men to plant churches in Arkansas, America and around the world. Churches, if possible, give birth to a mission work. They send, pray and support them. Local associations also come together to accomplish this task. Together, we can make a difference.


I thank our missionaries in their efforts to send us a report on their work each week. Having been a missionary, I know it is extremely difficult to say something different each week as some weeks very little changes. Please take the time to read them as they often reveal the needs they have.

Suitcase is Packed

The Table in Springdale is set to be organized in June. Please be praying for this brand new soon-to-be church. Thank you goes out to Clinton Morris and his family for their dedicated work.

From Our Missionaries

Misión Creciendo en Cristo (Growing in Christ), North Little Rock: Juan Carlos Posadas writes, “I thank God for Fernanda’s life. On May 6, she graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors, earning a B.A. in Theatre Acting Emphasis, and Spanish Certificate, at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

“We are satisfied with the commitment shown by our daughter in her professional training. She became involved in different organizations and projects throughout her university studies. Not only did she participate in the opportunities provided by the university, we also saw her in community programs, attending church, Bible study groups and working to obtain additional resources that allowed her to go out with her friends and complete some financial demands of her studies.

We saw her in numerous plays, singing at community holiday events, filming TV commercials, making TikToks to share her faith, teaching and taking care of preschool children, leading children’s parties at her workplace and helping students in the theatre library. She voiced over the campus’s web tour, became the face of A-State parking services and mentored a number of freshman students.

“Every time she visited us, she joined the church band and every other opportunity to serve the Lord. Now we are excited to see what God will do with her, and her desire to cause an impact on society. We pray that God will clearly show her the works He has prepared for her to walk in.”

Ebenezer, West Little Rock: Ruben Isturiz writes, “We continued with our ‘Gospel Movement’ training this week, with a lot of emphasis on the purpose of the local church. Educating is one of the keys to the healthy growth of our congregation. Many questions have come from the brethren and now we see that it has been a good theme that we are having. We have two new families and neither of them are Christians.

They come from a Catholic background, so I have decided to start with them on a series of Bible studies that have to do with Jesus Christ, the gospel and the salvation He offers. We will be meeting every Thursday at Eduar and his family’s home for this series. Pray that everyone will make their decision for Christ. With these two families, we expect a harvest of seven people for Christ. Pray that Eduar Hernández (from Venezuela) and his family will find stability in terms of work and in their economy. Pray for Pedro Noriega (from Guatemala) for healing in his kidneys. Both Eduar and Pedro are the leaders of the two families we are working with at this time.

Pray also that God will continue to bring new families to Ebenezer with a thirst for God. Thank you for your support. To God be the glory!”

Faith Chapel, Flippin: Johnny Shew writes, “We had a great week at Faith Chapel. Our numbers were back up some, but not back to normal yet. Some families have returned from traveling and some are still sick, but we had about half of our children back, and that helps the atmosphere so much. They just liven up the place. We had several return visitors, and we love seeing them join in worship with us. 

“We are still working on the building, (for my Lord, for my Lord). The plumbers have finished all they can do until the final finish work and installation of the fixtures. The electrical is coming along nicely, the doors finally came in and are installed and the siding, soffit and facia are being finished. The HVAC equipment has all come in, and we will begin installation soon. We have commitments for the insulation and the drywall, both of which were bid by Christian contractors that are drastically cutting their fees as an offering to the Lord. Praise God for them and the excavation and concrete and plumbing contractors, and the HVAC Company, who have all done the same thing, and for all of the volunteers and our members that have given their time and skills to the Lord on this project, especially the Master’s Builders and our ladies (and men) that fed them and us so well. Praise God and thank you for all of the Churches, Associations and individuals that have supported us financially. But most of all, thank all of you that love us enough to pray for us, for Faith Chapel, for our community of Flippin and Marion County, and for the work we are doing here! God is answering in a mighty way!”

The Table, Springdale: Clinton Morris writes, “Several families were out because of sickness and the end of the school year activities. We had one of the parents ask about how their son could be baptized and Drew handled the meeting well. It is very exciting to see the people building strong bonds with each other.

Through the month of May, we are doing a dress rehearsal for the church, making sure we have checked off every detail. I am so thankful for the people God is maturing in ministry and for the future.

“Keep praying for our people as we are only a few weeks away from organization.”

Faith Journey, Benton: Bryan Clay writes “We had a great evening at Faith Journey this week. We studied Psalms 23 and discussed the characteristics of Jesus being the Good Shepherd. Our Savior is so many things to His children. He is the Provider, the Comforter, the Protector, the Healer and the Visionary to name just a few.

The Good Shepherd loves and cares for His sheep personally, but will seek out the one that is lost to bring them into His safe shelter. What an amazing feeling it is, as a believer, to know that Christ will be all of those things for us and more because of His faithful love.

“In the week ahead, we look forward to sharing Mother’s Day with our weekly community outreaches at the senior living facilities. We are making plans to honor the mothers in those places with a special message and a small token of our appreciation. We are also looking for our Mother’s Day service to be an exciting one and we look forward to sharing about it next week! Please be praying for Faith Journey as God is working in the hearts of our people.”

Epic Life, Pea Ridge: Jake McCandless writes, “The kids and youth of Epic Life are bringing their friends and it’s easy. Often, it seems like a big deal to invite friends to church, but when church is at your house — your friends come! One of the highlights so far of our strategy for children and youth is for families to reach out to the friends of their children.

This week, one of our teenagers at the Woodbridge Connection Group host home had a friend over after school. They hung out, did whatever junior high girls do and then the friend was there when the Bible study happened. That easy! When ‘church’ is a natural part of family life, the transition of children and youth visiting just happens! And when it is a Discovery Bible Study, that guest can’t do anything but interact with the Bible!

“Still pray as our pursuit of purchasing a home remains in limbo with city zoning. Also, our May Collective Gathering is this Sunday!”