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JUST THINKING: Worthy of Double Honor – Derry Dwayne Kidd

“The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching” (I Tim. 5:17 NIV).

I was just thinking about a man who has had a tremendous impact on the churches of the BMA of America — Jerry Kidd.

A south Arkansas couple, working a cottonfield near Hope, was expecting a child. As they worked, some strange and frightening pains overtook Mrs. Cecil Kidd. Right there in the field, she asked God to give her that child and she would give the child to the Lord. On May 20, 1939, she delivered Jerry Kidd. From caution to celebration the first of numerous changes would take place.

Jerry Kidd grew up attending Unity Baptist Church in Hope. It was at the age of 12 that he placed his trust in Christ. A few years later, he enrolled in Southern State College (now Southern Arkansas University) in Magnolia. It was during his time there that he surrendered to God’s call to preach.

He met a lovely young lady from Magnolia, Sue Hudson, whom he married on Aug. 26, 1960. The couple, who adopted two children, Jason and Juli, will celebrate 63 years of marriage this summer. Sadly, their son, who was called Jay, passed away April 8, 2020.

Following the Lord’s leadership to further his education with spiritual training, Jerry enrolled at Central Baptist College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible. During that time, he also pastored churches in Tomberlin and Lonoke. He later pastored Eastside Baptist Church in Springhill, La. He loved preaching and teaching God’s Word, and His pleasant demeanor made him a much-loved pastor.


The Holy Spirit began to tug at Kidd’s heart in a way that would lead him to the work of missions. Feeling that the Lord was leading them, Jerry and Sue would change from the pastorate to what was then called the ministry of Interstate Missions. For five years, they served with a mission church, Westwood Baptist of Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

While Jerry was serving as an interstate missionary, the Holy Spirit planted in him a desire to become a pilot and provide assistance on the mission field in that aspect of service. He and Sue then moved to LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, where he received the training that would qualify and enable him to serve as a support pilot. While at LeTourneau, Jerry served the Ware Acres Baptist Church as pastor.

After finding that the BMAA would send no missionaries in 1972, Jerry applied again to serve the association in Bolivia in 1973 and was elected. In 1974, after a long and arduous travel, Jerry and Sue moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where they worked with the local church and Jerry flew support missions for fellow BMAA missionaries M.S. Arrington and Marvin Loyd.

More Change

After eight years serving in Bolivia, at the 1982 annual BMAA Meeting, another change came about. Bro. Kidd was elected assistant to the executive director of Missions. How fitting that his scope of service was foreign missions. There was still more change for this man with a heart for the lost souls around the globe as he became the director of International Missions.

A Pastor to Missionaries

Jerry Kidd has always been a minister of discipleship. His role in missions later changed to director of Missionary Care. He and Sue have always displayed love for those serving on the mission field. It was no surprise that he fit perfectly for the new endeavor. He has been blessed with a kind and gentle disposition, and his humility worked so well as he ministered to our missionaries.

Still More Change

I have had a love for Hispanic missions for decades, and Bro. Kidd and I have a kindred spirit in that regard. I admire him greatly, and one thing that amazes me is his ability to adapt to change. While still fulfilling his role with Missions, Jerry became pastor of Temple Baptist Church (now South City Church) in Little Rock in 2013. He served in that capacity for four years and his role again changed and today he serves on staff at South City Church as pastor of Missional Engagement.

The Dedication of One Who was Dedicated

Before he was born, Jerry’s mother, in a cottonfield, dedicated her soon-to-be-born child to the Lord. On Saturday, May 20, that Kidd from Hope will turn 84 years old. His life truly has been one of dedication, and Jerry Kidd is certainly a servant worthy of double honor.