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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Master’s Builders Work in Flippin

By Nelda Malone, Reporter

The Master’s Builders began work at Faith Chapel Baptist Mission in Flippin on April 3. We were there to help with the building of the first building phase of this mission church, and we were all so excited to finally get to come and be a part of this work. BMA of Arkansas Missionary Johnny Shew, his wife, Karen and the Faith Chapel family have been praying, and preparing for this day for so long!

We began with a slab, and when we left the building was “in the dry.” We usually stay two weeks on a job, but with this church building most Builders were able to stay three weeks. The Builders constructed the exterior and interior walls of the 4,000-sq.-ft. main building, which will include the sanctuary, fellowship hall and bathrooms. Inside, the Builders built the stage, sound booth and baptistry, and also set in the windows and doors. During the third week, some of the siding went up on the outside of the building. A few delivery delays hindered getting more done. 

Trusses, decking and roofing were done by Derek Goodall Construction of Yellville. This is a Christian family business, and they were a joy for the Master’s Builders to be around. They are certainly good at what they do!

We had 13 men from our Master’s Builders group and several men (and women) from Faith Chapel who worked alongside our men. I don’t want to leave anyone out by name, but you each know who you are. You were, and are, a blessing to us! We could not have accomplished what we did without you!

There are not enough words that can be written here to express our love and gratitude to the Faith Chapel family. They shared much love with us, worshiped with us, fed us, fellowshipped with us, sang with us and just became a part of our hearts! They are a special group and are now a part of the Master’s Builders family too! Special thanks to each one who played a part in caring for us while we worked there. This church family certainly will continue to shine a beautiful light in this community.

As I sit here thinking of the work there, I keep hearing Bro. Johnny’s encouraging words that he often yelled (several times a day), “You’re doing fine boys, keep it up!” And that’s what we wanted to do!

For this important ministry to continue, we need workers. The average age of our men is currently 75. Please join us in prayer for the Lord to please send us more workers. We want to be able to continue to serve the Lord in this ministry and work for the kingdom’s growth.

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