Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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STUDENT MINISTRY: Fundraising Ideas

While we know that we often have to raise funds for our students to attend camps, conferences and other events, that knowledge doesn’t offer how we are to make that happen. We discussed four things last week that fundraising could do for your ministry. It is an opportunity to share vision with your congregation, for your congregation to join the work of your student ministry, for your students to serve your congregation and for your students to connect with your community.

This week, I want to simply share some ideas that can fit within those guardrails. If nothing else, they will, hopefully get the creative juices flowing that will help you figure out what works best in your community:

• The Car Wash — The Car Wash is still a viable option for raising money for your student ministry. However, here is my take on it — offer a free car wash for your community and have your church members sponsor your students per car washed. This allows your students to serve your community while they are working toward a goal. Set a goal of “x” number of cars and have your church members and family members pledge with that in mind. Remember to have plenty of adult supervision for this type of fundraising so you don’t have well-meaning students ruin someone’s paint job.

• The Church Meal — This can take on all types of forms. Spaghetti, chili and potatoes are just a few low cost ideas that your students can provide. One of my favorites was “Stuff in a Bowl.” This allowed the students to be creative and come up with a variety of things to serve. The idea to pitch to your church members is that they might be going out to eat after services. Just have them stay at your church campus and pay for the meal like you would at the restaurant. Don’t set a price per person. This allows the students to serve the congregation and people to give more freely. It is also a great thing to invite visitors to, so they can connect with the church and see your students serving.

• The Food Auction — Some call it a “Chef’s Auction.” Others call it a “Dessert Auction.” You may have another name for it, but it is a pretty simple concept. Get some of the best cooks in your church to provide their best dishes and have a fun night after church with an auctioneer. We did these multiple years when I was serving at Temple in Rogers. It was always a favorite that provided a large sum for your student ministry. I know Summers Baptist Church in Summers always has an incredible turnout and result. Their youth pastor, Joel Young, has shared more than once how it provides for the most of their financial needs over the year.

• No-Fundraiser Fundraisers — Instead of offering to sell your people something, you simply have your students approach church members, friends and family members seeking donations for your student ministry. There are no dishes to do or cars to wash. It is simply a way for your people to support the ministry.

These ideas just scratch the surface of what you can do to raise the needed funds for your youth group. Use your imagination and figure out what works best with your congregation and community. Get your students involved and solicit ideas from them. You never know where the next great fundraising idea will come from.

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