Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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CBC PROFILE: CBC Launches Legacy Leaders

The Central Baptist College alumni office is pleased to announce a new sustainable giving program entitled “Legacy Leaders.” A monthly sustainable giving program, Legacy Leaders is geared to sustain, restore and connect Alumni and friends of Central Baptist College.

In 1981, a similar organization was formed by former President Hoshaw to help meet the needs as they came. It was named “Minutemen” because they were held in readiness for instant service. In the early years of my presidency, I wrote several letters to over 300 of these faithful donors. Some of these funded projects included seed money for a new Student Counseling Center, new science lab equipment, website redesign and establishment of the International Student Scholarship fund, just to name a few. Looking back in the old Minutemen files, I read appeal letters from previous presidents for funds to fix roof leaks and replace HVAC units. God used the faithful Minutemen to get CBC through some really challenging times.

Over the years, the needs of the college have changed. Many of the college’s expenses are now ongoing needs, as opposed to emergency, one-time needs. I guess I could say, the one-time needs have become everyday expenses that are now a part of the annual operating budget. We have a monthly service contract to cover all HVAC units. As the campus has grown, the repairs and maintenance have increased substantially. We have also acquired over 50 properties adjacent to the campus, many with existing houses on them. What a blessing it will be to have them as we plan for the future expansion of CBC. However, it is also a huge task to maintain them. In addition, we can all relate to the ever-increasing cost of supplies and labor.

Legacy Leaders was created to help alumni and friends of CBC give back. The purpose is to recognize individuals that believe in the mission and future of Central Baptist College. Your contribution, whatever the amount, will have a big impact on the future of the college and in the lives of our students.

We have several giving options available. I’m encouraging you to consider carefully and prayerfully becoming a Legacy Leader. We have countless ways in which we can improve how we integrate Christian faith and academic excellence for God’s glory! Lives are changed on this campus each and every day, and you can play a part in that change. Your gift will allow us to build a better platform for God’s work to be on display in the lives of young men and women each day. I can’t be more excited to see how Legacy Leaders can help pave the way for the future of Central Baptist College.

Digital Communications Coordinator Mallory Guyton is taking the lead in the Legacy Leaders program. She and a team of volunteers will be reaching out to alumni and friends to challenge them to become a Legacy Leader. Our goal is to have 300 Legacy Leaders enrolled by this time next year. Contact Mallory at mguyton@cbc.edu or (501) 205-8875. Join by credit card or bank draft. For more information or to sign up, visit our website at cbc.edu/legacyleaders.