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Christmas Shoebox Info 2023

By Angela Rice, Short Term Mission Coordinator

BMA Changemaker Missionary Pavlo Myronyuk shared this about the shoeboxes received in Ukraine: “The Churches of Ukraine express sincere thanks for the gift boxes you sent for the children. They were delighted and had a wonderful evangelistic program with the gifts. The children are all from disadvantaged and low-income families. Classes are held for them each week at the church. Thanks to the unexpected gifts, they were very excited and many came to the church. We are also planning to take the boxes to children orphaned in the war in different parts of Ukraine. This is a great blessing and encouragement to us all during this difficult wartime. God bless you for thinking of us.”

Friends, we need your help! Your church is invited to partner with us to provide Everlasting Smile Christmas Shoeboxes to three locations. This year, God has opened the door for us to send shoeboxes to Cape Verde and Honduras. After making that decision, I began to get stories of how our shoeboxes were a great tool to help our missionaries meet and build relationships with people from Ukraine. The Lord began dealing with me to add a third container and send supplies to Ukraine again. I gave many excuses at first, but finally, we are stepping out on faith to provide shoeboxes to three countries.

This year, more than ever, we are excited to send our Christmas Shoeboxes to three locations, but we need your help in doing that. We need to fill 4,000 more boxes than we did last year to reach this goal. Please consider stepping out on faith with me and set a faith-sized goal for your church. I know we can do this together.

Everlasting Smiles Shoeboxes are packed with lots of love and many prayers are prayed over them, but the most important thing we can give any child is the opportunity to know Jesus. Our prayer is that, through the ministry of Everlasting Smiles, we will open doors for our missionaries to tell families about Jesus and that the Bible inside each box will bring them closer to Him.


Want to make a donation for us to pack boxes for you? We can do that! The cost of each box is $25. This includes the box, wrapping, gifts, Bible and shipping costs. You can send your donation to Everlasting Smiles, P.O. Box 878, Conway, Ark. 72033.

The smile that a child finds when opening a shoebox is often for a moment, but the love of Jesus they find through this ministry results in Everlasting Smiles.

For more information, including packing instructions, visit and check out our new video! Let me know if you need anything. You can contact me at or (501) 455-4977.