Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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LIFEWORD: Latin America Gathers

By Heather Harrison

Joy, excitement, thankfulness — those were the sentiments as 25 Lifeword representatives from various Central American countries gathered in El Salvador at the end of June. Their purpose was to learn from and encourage one another, celebrate what God has done and look ahead at Lifeword Latin America. Every Lifeword team member is a firm believer in discipleship, and it is backed up by the fact that each is discipling someone. Most reported having multiple professions of faith and new believers being discipled.

Team members, representing churches and countries from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and the United States, were trained in editing, recording, voice, ministry and preaching. They also worshiped God together and shared His Word — encouraging each other to serve in humble obedience, giving all glory to God.

One of their primary tasks was to select a new Lifeword coordinator for Latin America. They unanimously agreed upon and appointed Rigoberto Jimenez Cruz. Bro. Rigoberto is the BMA Global coordinator for El Salvador. He pastors Centro De Vida Montelimar Baptist Church and is a team player who leads in serving, evangelism, discipleship and church planting. The new mission points in El Salvador are progressing and discipleship is ongoing. As the new coordinator, Bro. Rigoberto will oversee Central America, South America, Caribbean and Spain.

Lifeword Ministry Updates

Here are some updates of what God is doing through the three-way partnerships of Lifeword, the local church and BMA Global:

• Lifeword team members plan to share the gospel through three new initiatives at the border of Colombia and Venezuela, as well as using other formats and digital platforms to reach additional audiences.

• Three new language speakers for the Guahibo (aka Jivi), Puinave and Tenec have been identified. Other languages are currently being explored, which means many more will be able to hear the gospel in their native language.

• The Garifunas are now reaching the Mesquito people group.