Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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As our Special Emphasis time, entitled Send the Light, draws to a close, I want to thank all of you for helping support this ministry. Sunday morning, I was privileged to be with Pastor Rick Bolin and the good people at Kingsland Baptist Church in Kingsland to speak about State Missions and to share a message from God’s Word.

What a blessing it is to look our supporters in the eye when possible and thank them personally for their involvement.

Churches of Our Association

We are serving in very difficult times concerning our ministries for Jesus, but may it be said that when the going gets tough, it brings out the best of God’s people. Despite all the world throws at the Lord’s church, she continues to labor for the Master. I want to take a moment to encourage our churches to make planting a church a part of their DNA.

Departments cannot plant churches, but we can come alongside you and help make it a reality. Seldom has one of our churches been able to afford to send a missionary onto the field without financial assistance. That is where your state or national missionary departments come in. Pastors, the future of our association rests in our churches birthing new ones to replace those that are closing. What it boils down to is that our very survival as an association depends on it.

Please pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers. Should you have any questions concerning the ins and outs, requirements and ways we can help, feel free to contact us. After all, we exist for you, the local church.

From Our Missionaries

Misión Creciendo en Cristo (Growing in Christ), North Little Rock: Juan Carlos Posadas writes, “Do you remember I told you that during the week we would follow up on the schoolchildren who expressed their desire to learn more about Jesus during the VBS? Well, on Thursday at 6 p.m., we presented the children’s edition of the Jesus film to 13 schoolchildren.

After the film, Doña Sayra presented the gospel to them and eight of them made their profession of faith. Glory to God! Pray that their parents will be willing to continue bringing them to church and that each of them will be used by God to bring their families to Christ.

“On Friday and Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting the ‘Compassion for the Lost’ Missionary Conferences, organized by the Hispanic churches of Arkansas. We reached an attendance of 63 people, who came from Hope, Rogers and Central Arkansas.

“The topics studied were ‘What does it mean for me to do missions’ led by Roberto Marcelletti of Rogers; ‘The Challenge of Planting Churches’ led by Jose Luis Estrada of Hope; ‘Compassion for the Lost’ led by Jorge Vasquez of Little Rock; ; ‘The Joy of Giving’ led by José David Canesa of Little Rock; ‘Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip’ led by Angela Rice of Conway; and ‘The Compassion of Jesus’ led by Juan Carlos Posadas of North Little Rock.

“During the conference program, Fernanda Posadas did some interviews with some speakers who gave a special touch to the event. The church band led us in the time of praise. In short, we had a good time of praise, reflection and challenge.

“In the interviews, we were able to have a video interview with Missionary German Galindo who was sent to Mexico by the Gran Commission Church of Alexander, and whom the Hispanic churches are supporting. Let us pray for God to give grace to people and open doors for the gospel to spread in Mexico City.

Ebenezer, West Little Rock: Ruben Isturiz writes, “Thank God, we had a good time in our service. We have been praying for couples who are not married yet, and on Sunday, one of them made the decision to get married. Our desire is that, for next year we can plan a retreat for married couples, and we are praying that everyone will formalize their relationship. It is part of the process of changing to a new life.

“We continued with the ‘Gospel Movement’ workshop this week, and we gave a third evangelism tool — ‘The Four Spiritual Laws.’ 

“On Friday and Saturday, we attended the ‘Missionary Conferences.’ It is our second year that, as Hispanic churches, we celebrate it, and it was a blessing to see the brethren from our Hispanic congregations.

“Next Sunday, we will be praying for our students who are going back to school. We always pray for wisdom, protection and that each one of our young people will be a torch that will light up their schools. Thank you, brothers and sisters who support us. To God be the glory!”

Faith Chapel, Flippin: Johnny Shew writes, “It doesn’t seem like it should be August. We have been so busy since spring, and the days and weeks just fly by. Our numbers were down a little this week, but the ups and downs we have been seeing, seem normal for summer. But the Holy Spirit was there, and we had a great time of worship.

“We are working today on putting in our posts on the porticos on each end of the building and painting them. It may take a couple of days. They are the next to the last thing to be done on the exterior and will make the outside look finished. The last thing will be installing the steeple when it comes in, and we are not sure when that will be. We will probably be meeting there by then. We are still working on the electrical and will start the ductwork next.

“There is a young man who our entire church is praying for, and love dearly. He needs to be saved, and the devil and the world are pulling him so hard. Please join us in prayer for him, that the Lord would reveal to him the truth of the gospel. He has heard it many times. Pray that the Lord will show him the lies and deceit of the world, open his heart, convict him, convince him and draw him to Jesus so strongly that he can no longer resist. There are many like him in our community, and in yours, and we must reach them.

“We thank you for your prayers for us, Faith Chapel, our building, Flippin and those we are trying to reach, specifically this young man. Please continue. The Lord is answering them in mighty ways.”

Faith Journey, Benton: Bryan Clay writes, “I was given the opportunity to speak at a men’s retreat at Lake DeGray this week. This retreat was a blessing to all the men who were able to attend. 3H Ministries sponsored this event that had guest speakers, food and fellowship. It was a diversified group of men who were able to learn from each other and worship together. Everyone left feeling God’s presence and revived in their spirit.

“We also had a presentation this week at the mission from one of our college students that attends Faith Journey. This young man had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Thailand for a little over a month, spreading the gospel to college students at a local university. These American students were able to share the gospel with over 300 Thai students and had around 30 professions of faith while they were there. Please be in prayer for these new believers who accepted Christ as they begin their journey in a country that does not have a great number of Christians and no huge support system for Christians in their area. We believe God continues to work in the lives of His people, and we have to be willing to do His work wherever that may lead us.”

Misión Gracia Soberana (Sovereign Grace), NWA:Roberto Marcelletti writes, “After about a year of having started our meetings in our apartment, we began to see the fruits. The work was increasing, and people have been changing their way of thinking. Now they are more open to share and open their homes to be visited.

The gospel is the power of God and is changing the individualistic ideologies of this generation now they think more ‘in community’ and that their houses are the places that God has given then to develop the mission around their neighborhoods. So on Tuesday, we started a grace group in Pea Ridge and on Thursday we started another grace group in Springdale, where 17 people attended. We are amazed at everything God is doing in NWA.

“On Friday, we participated in the Missionary Conference held by the Hispanic churches of the BMA, where we could bear witness to what God is doing in our mission.

“I ask you to pray as the number of children who are in Sunday School is growing and we need a laptop for Sunday Bible school and also a portable sound system.”

Epic Life, Pea Ridge: Jake McCandless writes, “We have a meeting place! This was a huge boost for us this week as we found out about an event space we weren’t aware of in Pea Ridge. We will begin meeting there this Sunday night for a monthly Collective Gathering.

We are just renting the meeting space hourly for our services so we will continue to look for a more permanent solution, but this is a great start. The space is called ‘Room 161’ and is in the old downtown strip in Pea Ridge.

“This week, all of our groups start back as well! We have many prospects we met throughout the summer who we hope to be able to get to our new location.”