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Now Then We Are Ambassadors for Christ

GMA and other BMA auxiliaries have profoundly affected young people who answered the call to serve. For one of our newest missionaries, that calling is to those who have never heard the gospel. This is her journey.

My Story

In 1976, I was invited to join a group of girls at my church called GMA — Girls Missionary Auxiliary. I was excited to join — hanging out with my friends on a Sunday night sounded like just another chance to be with friends. My family didn’t attend church, but my parents were happy to take me to church any time I asked. They were all for me going, but it just wasn’t their thing.

Through GMA training, I learned that my life was all about Jesus. He came. He died. He had saved me at the age of seven. Now I would learn what that meant exactly. What a gift God gave me through His perfect will and plan! And it was through GMA counselors that I would be equipped to be an “ambassador for Christ” (II Cor. 5:20). It was the first of many verses I would put to memory.

But I am not the only one who was profoundly affected by this auxiliary.

Her Story

AJ is one of many young ladies called to the mission field because of GMA. In middle school, she learned about the world through an improv team competition that introduced her to Mexican, Chinese, Korean and Qatari culture. Her view of the world and people was expanded. In the fifth grade, she began GMA and learned about God’s heart for the nations through study, Scripture memory and learning about missionaries. AJ explains her calling this way:

“It was in GMA where I really started to think about God’s purpose for me. Throughout my life, God used His Word and His people to place a burden on my heart for the lost. Recently, that burden is specifically for people who have never heard the gospel or don’t have access to the gospel. The salvation of unreached people groups has been weighing on my heart for quite some time.”

God’s Plans

AJ earned a master’s degree in speech/language pathology and worked as a speech therapist while raising support for ministry abroad. Her prayer is that God might even use her degree and experience in some way when she reaches the mission field to which she is called. She is attending a missionary training program that equips students for cross-cultural church planting ministry to unreached people/language groups. For nine months, she will receive very intensive training in all aspects of life on the mission field — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She is so grateful for God’s work in her life and His faithfulness. With a team of prayer warriors, her home church and the endorsement and support of the BMA, AJ is ready to begin this chapter in her life. She said, “God placed a wonder in me for cultures and languages. Little did I know, He was working to pair that with my love for Him and a desire to see people come to Christ.”

Girls Missionary Auxiliary played a role in AJ’s calling, particularly her awareness of missionaries around the world, their unique challenges and an understanding of cultural context. She understood what an “ambassador for Christ” meant, and answered the call to missions.

AJ will be back to finish out deputation when her training is complete in June 2024. She would love to contact churches to share what God is doing. Her email address is arkslp@protonmail.com.

Holly Meriweather
Holly Meriweather
Holly Meriweather is the lead writer for the Baptist Missionary Association of America. No part of this article may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from Lifeword.org or BMAMissions.org.