Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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BMA Global Leadership Change

      Executive Editor’s Note: On Saturday morning, Sept. 9, Larry Wood suffered a heart attack and then had a quadruple bypass surgery on Sunday morning, Sept. 10. The report after the surgery was that it was successful and went much better than expected and that Larry’s heart was much healthier than it appeared on film. Please continue to lift of Bro. Larry and Tammy as he recovers.

      Larry and Tammy Wood began serving as missionaries to Ukraine in 2018.When the war in Ukraine began, they expanded their ministry to the Czech Republic while continuing to serve the work in Ukraine and the refugee population that flooded Poland. Larry and Tammy have a heart for European countries and their people. He recently assumed the role of European Coordinator for BMA Global and is very excited to serve in this capacity.

      Larry says, “Evangelical Christians make up less than 2% of Europe’s population, and some countries, like the Czech Republic, have less than 1%, with only .074% professing faith in Christ. Anything less than 2% constitutes an unreached people group. But the good news is that there are many signs of renewed interest in spiritual matters among Europeans and many doors are opening for church planting in places the BMA has never worked. We want to take advantage of Europe’s spiritual awakening and seek ministry areas in which to share the gospel and plant churches that are impactful for many years to come.”

      The Woods are also working with others to enhance PFPO (Pre-Field Preparation and Orientation), BMA Global’s missionary training program. According to Larry, while the present training model is very good, BMA Global leaders believe there is a need to develop a more comprehensive program that better serves missionaries moving to their respective fields of service.

      Please pray for Larry and Tammy and their new areas of responsibility. Pray for open doors in Europe and for God to raise up men and women who will commit to serve in these new ministry areas. Above all, pray for God to receive all the glory from these new missions and churches.