Friday, June 21, 2024
Friday, June 21, 2024
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LIFEWORD: We Tell The Story

By Emily Brantley, Project Manager & Media Coordinator • Lifeword

Since Lifeword began, her mission has not changed and can be summed up in one sentence — We tell the story; the story of hope, the story of grace, the story of mercy, the story of salvation… the story of Jesus. It’s the greatest story ever told, and we have dedicated our efforts, time, finances and ministries to telling this story to the nations. But we don’t do it alone. We need you to join us in taking The Greatest Story Ever Told to the lost, to the hurting, to the broken, to the searching. When you partner with Lifeword, you become a part of this mission. When you partner with Lifeword, you tell The Story. When you partner with Lifeword, you change lives. Here is how:

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded the country of Ukraine and, for 18 months now, war has upended the lives of thousands of Ukrainians. Many have fled the country. Many have stayed and committed to fight. Many have lost their lives.

War has become their new normal. The sounds of air raids and sirens are no longer cause for alarm. Schools have built bomb shelters in them so they can continue with classes, even during attacks. Every Ukrainian has been altered in some way by this war. Many are suffering without hope, without faith and with fear of what the future holds. They are in dire need of the hope found in Christ, but how do we tell them?

This month, Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish went to Poland to meet with Ukrainian pastors and their wives about how Lifeword can help them tell The Story to their families, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens in Ukraine. Lifeword is perfectly positioned to come alongside these pastors and help them to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ in their country that is desperately seeking hope. Through social media, Lifeword is able to reach thousands of Ukrainian speakers, both in Ukraine and those around the world who have fled from the war.

Lifeword’s mission is to tell The Story. This is just one example of how we are working to do that in one of the many countries in which we’re privileged to work. This is what you make possible when you partner with Lifeword. When you partner with Lifeword, this is how you Tell the Story.

October 22 is Lifeword Sunday this year and the theme is “Share Jesus. Make Disciples. Everywhere.” Lifeword Sunday is the day set aside each year that the Lifeword Team asks the churches of BMA America to pray for and take a special offering to help Lifeword expand her gospel footprint around the world. Lifeword Sunday is critical to helping us fulfill our mission. Would you go to and register your church to be a part of this great day?

When your church registers, your pastor will be entered into our Pastor Giveaway. This year we are giving away a new Macbook Pro! Download the Lifeword Sunday video to show your church exactly what they are supporting and order t-shirts to help us share the message of Lifeword. Then, on Oct. 22, let’s all celebrate and worship our missionary God!