Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Lifeword Reaching Into Panama

By Heather Harrison

      Lifeword is using media to share Jesus and make disciples everywhere! 

      Carolina Murillo studied gastronomy as part of her professional career and never thought about using her knowledge and skills for ministry until Bro. Rigoberto, Lifeword’s visionary leader for Central and South America, suggested she use the topic of food to create videos that offer recipes, along with biblical and spiritual concepts. 

      Her husband, Ronald Murillo, Jr., moved the family from Costa Rica to Panama to carry the baton after the unexpected passing of Ronald Murillo, Sr., who had just begun a new BMA mission work in Panama. Ronald now pastors Centro de Vida Panama, and both Ronald and Carolina produce content for the Lifeword Cloud.

      Carolina said, “The cooking show idea seemed original and I liked it because my main job is the Lord’s work, so I can merge my culinary skills and ministry. The program is called More Than Food, because the Word of God is more than physical food and has the power to transform lives.” 

      During the pandemic, and as Carolina shopped at the supermarket, she began sending videos about recipes to friends and neighbors. She also included a spiritual application. As women watched these videos, they began engaging with her about things like cooking times and ingredient details. Those interactions continued, and many began asking for prayer. 

      In a recent visit, Carolina shared with Director of Operations Luis Ortega that the Lifeword show has opened doors in their community, all over Panama. “It has been a very useful tool,” Carolina said, “and important for our ministry.” More Than Food has helped people witness in a more strategic way and build discipleship relationships. Strangers approach the Murillos with requests, such as: “Will you pray for us?” and “We saw your program. Thank you for giving us the Word of God.”

      Lifeword Sunday is Oct. 22. This is the day set aside for churches across the BMA of America to pray for the ministry of Lifeword and to give a special offering to help Lifeword increase her impact around the world. To register your church for Lifeword Sunday, visit There you can register your church, purchase Lifeword Sunday T-shirts to help share the ministry of Lifeword and enter your pastor’s name into a drawing for a new MacBook Pro.

      Lifeword Sunday offerings are crucial to help Lifeword continue to expand around the world! Together we can Share Jesus, Make Disciples, Everywhere!