Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Lifeword Expands Reach with FOLLOW

      Lifeword is taking steps toward a new initiative in their efforts to share Jesus and make disciples everywhere. 

      “Our vision was clear — find a way to not only share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible, but also show them how to follow Him daily,” said Yalanda Merrell, Director of Audience Engagement at Lifeword. As a media ministry, Lifeword explored how discipleship could be done digitally, and she stated, “Getting to this point has taken countless hours of brainstorming, digital planning and content production.”

      While it’s still in the testing phase, Lifeword is giving us an inside look at this new discipleship effort called FOLLOW.

      FOLLOW is an interactive, video-based discipleship tool. It introduces people to the hope Jesus offers and what it looks like to follow Him. And, with one click, they can connect to a local church to continue this journey. But it doesn’t end there. FOLLOW is also a tool the local church can use to make disciples. 

      “The Great Commission was given to the local church, and we knew we wanted to create something to come alongside the church to accomplish this mission,” said Merrell. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use tool that is engaging, biblical and accessible on a hand-held device. No matter where someone is in their walk with Christ, they can use FOLLOW to lead someone to Jesus, connect them to a church and show them how to follow Christ daily.”

      Merrell said more is coming soon on this project, and she’s thankful for those who have a passion for sharing the name of Jesus and discipleship, because that’s what Lifeword is all about.

      Lifeword Sunday is Oct. 22. This is a day set aside for churches across the BMA of America to pray for the ministry of Lifeword and to give a special offering to help Lifeword increase her impact around the world. To register your church for Lifeword Sunday visit There, you can also purchase Lifeword Sunday T-shirts to help share the ministry of Lifeword and enter your pastor’s name into a drawing for a MacBook Pro.

      Lifeword Sunday offerings are crucial in helping Lifeword continue to expand around the world! Together we can “Share Jesus, Make Disciples, Everywhere!”