Thursday, May 23, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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LIFEWORD: Lifeword Reaches Millions Through Digital Media

      In a world filled with questions and seemingly endless searches for meaning, Lifeword asks the simple but profound question — “Who Is Jesus to you?” Many people have a sense of hopelessness and an inner longing for something more. This quest for meaning has led millions to search and find in the last year.

      Over the past 12 months, has become a source of hope for the multitudes of people online. It has been a remarkable year of growth, transformation and outreach for this online platform dedicated to sharing the message of Jesus Christ with the world.

A Digital Connection

      Imagine 42 million individuals from all corners of the globe, each seeking answers and a deeper connection with Jesus. This is precisely the number welcomed in the last 12 months. is a place where faith and technology converge to make gospel connections and conversations accessible, relatable and life changing. In a world increasingly connected by screens, serves as a digital lighthouse, guiding lost souls to faith and fulfillment only found in Jesus.

      As celebrates a year of growth and impact, it is a reminder that in the vast digital landscape, there’s a profound hunger for meaning, a thirst for truth and a yearning for fulfillment. Through its unwavering commitment and the power of digital outreach, continues to be a beacon of hope, helping countless individuals find answers, purpose and a deeper connection with Jesus.

Gateways to Truth

      Search engines are gateways to information and discovery in today’s digital age. An astonishing 78% of all traffic to in the last year came from people who turned to search engines with pressing questions about faith, life and purpose. Millions of these people are given a way to connect and take the “next step” on, a place where the gospel is shared unapologetically.

Videos That Resonate

      Videos have an undeniable power to transcend borders and languages, and Lifeword leverages this potential every day. In the last year, Lifeword videos were viewed over 232 million times on the Facebook platform alone, spreading the gospel message to every corner of the world. Each view represents an opportunity for connection and transformation.

1.5 Million Strong: Lifeword’s Facebook Pages Touching People

      On Facebook, Lifeword has built a dynamic digital community with over 1.5 million likes across 13 different Facebook pages. This dedicated digital audience is communicated with daily by a team of more than 200 Lifeword team members, who produce and share media from all corners of the globe.

Touching Lives Through Social Media 

Each like, share and comment on Facebook and Instagram represents not just a singular hearing of the gospel, but also signifies the rippled potential of many more hearing the message of Christ. Over the last year, Lifeword’s presence on Facebook has reached over 180 million Facebook accounts, and 28 million on Instagram. A single image, a sincere message or a shared testimony can touch the hearts of millions and sow the seeds of faith.

      With 42 million visitors, 1.5 million Facebook likes, 180 million Facebook connections, 28 million Instagram reaches and 232 million video plays,’s impact is profound and enduring. In a world searching for meaning, is providing answers that resonate with people’s souls because of the hope only found in Jesus.

      As we reflect on’s remarkable journey of impact and growth over the past year, we are reminded that our work is far from over. The seeds of faith have been sown, and the digital mission continues. We invite you to join us in our ongoing quest to “Share Jesus, Make Disciples, Everywhere.”

Lifeword Sunday is Coming Soon!

      Lifeword Sunday is Oct. 22. This is a day set aside for churches across the BMA of America to pray for the ministry of Lifeword and to give a special offering to help Lifeword expand her impact around the world.

      We invite you to join us in our mission by registering your church for Lifeword Sunday at There you can purchase your Lifeword Sunday T-shirts, which helps further share the ministry’s message, and you can enter your pastor in a drawing for a MacBook Pro.

      Lifeword Sunday offerings are crucial to help Lifeword continue to expand around the world! With your continued love, prayers and support, will shine the gospel even brighter in the digital world. 

      Together we can Share Jesus! Make Disciples! Everywhere!