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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Reaction From Attack On Israel: Five Thoughts

      I’m going to take a break from my series of articles on Israel to talk about Israel — nope that wasn’t a typo. I want to give some thoughts on the Hamas attack on Israel this weekend.

         • You can’t trust the media. I know this thought isn’t a surprise to anyone, but the bias of the media toward Israel is the most crooked and corrupt of any subject in the news. I saw this firsthand this summer. We watched an entire protest out the window of our hotel in Jerusalem. It was so peaceful my children thought it was a parade. The next day, the news reports talked about the protest being extremely violent. There wasn’t a single mainstream news report that was accurate.

      We saw the same thing when there was an Israeli operation against terrorism just a few miles from where we stayed in Judean Samaria. The news told a completely different story than what we saw on the ground. We had the chance to tour the security barrier with the architect of it, and what the media says about it is completely incorrect.

      I’m working on compiling a list of trusted sources to share with you. I have developed relationships in the country and have been able to hear firsthand reports, but, even with that, one must be careful because even reports from Christian organizations can be skewed due to their view of God’s plan for Israel.

      Even though most of the balanced reporting fails to do justice to the actual horror that has occurred, the firsthand reports have been chilling to hear from friends we have over there.

         • No one should still hold to God being done with Israel (Replacement Theology). I have spent many articles sharing biblically that the church does not replace Israel nor is God done with Israel. I have been utterly shocked at how many today hold to the view that the church has completely replaced Israel and God is done with them — shocked! In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul repeatedly writes very explicitly that God is not done with them. To hold such a view, one must bend Scripture because there are so many times the Bible straightforwardly addresses the future of Israel. Replacement Theology cannot be taught without an “I know it says this, but what it really means is such and such.”

      I can understand how such a view might have been prevalent before the 1940s, but when Israel returned home and became a Jewish state right before our eyes, how can we continue to deny that fulfillment of Scripture? It’s dangerous for our understanding of the Bible and God’s unfolding plan. When we see the continued unsensible attacks and hatred of Israel how can we not see the obvious spiritual war running behind the headlines?

         • Anti-Semitism is worldwide. Hamas knows they cannot win any type of war with Israel. The attack was only to bring terror. It was only the overspilling of evil. It’s not even a battle for freedom. The name Hamas gave to their operation means to “bring a cleansing flood to the Temple Mount.” There was no motive for seeking freedom and, truth be told, they have brought all the security restrictions against themselves. Antisemitism or Jew hatred isn’t surprising from jihadist groups like Hamas, but what should be stunning to us is how thousands upon thousands celebrated across the world.

      I hope you’ve seen images or videos of this absurdity. I saw one video of thousands marching in Chicago in celebration of the attack by Hamas — in Chicago! There were many more celebrations in America. There were large celebrations throughout Canada — Canada? There were celebrations in London. It’s crazy. For one, the world has been dubbed to believe that “Palestinians” are occupied by Israel. This is a farce. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and as mentioned, Hamas doesn’t even see its operation as a fight for independence. Israel doesn’t even control the Temple Mount, Jordan does. Israel isn’t the only nation that has a security barrier between them and Gaza, so does Egypt.

      Even if this was a fight for independence, why would anyone in the world celebrate the murder, rape and torture of civilians who are mainly women, children and the elderly? It’s absurd! A Satanic-rooted Jew-hatred is the only explanation. This recent attack on Israel revealed the antisemitism around the world. It revealed hearts around the world.

         • It’s a spiritual war. In the western half of the world, we can’t wrap our minds around it, but this war and these Middle Eastern conflicts are religious. Ultimately, they are physical manifestations of the spiritual war. Again, Hamas is attacking to “cleanse” the Temple Mount. The hatred of Jews is from teachings within the Quran. This is spiritual. While I was in Israel, one of the things that was obvious was that Muslims wanted to claim the biblical Holy Sites. Not because they value them, but because they do not want them to belong to Jews or Christians. Ultimately, they don’t want Yahweh’s people to possess them.

         • This is not Armageddon. I should have saved some of my 800-1,000 words for number five, but this attack isn’t Armageddon, nor should we expect it to come directly from this conflict. The Bible is clear about the progression of events that must take place. I have seen so many posts claiming this to be the battle of Ezekiel 38 and other passages. It’s not the ultimate fulfillment. A simple reading in Ezekiel 38 provides details that must take place. Now, these events could lead to the rise of the prophesied end-time Middle Eastern coalition. It could lead to Israel bringing back the daily sacrifices and even the temple. Also, even if this did cause World War III, that doesn’t mean that war is Armageddon. There could be many more world wars before the end of the age. There could be many more wars involving Israel. Only when the details of Daniel 8-9, Daniel 11 and others are fulfilled as given will it indicate we are seeing the “end of the age” battles.

         — Jake is a state missionary and would love to share about the work in Northwest Arkansas and encourage your church to stand firm. (