Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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JUST THINKING: Recognizing Spiritual Counterfeits

      I am fully aware that some of my columns focus on warning against false prophets/teachers in these last days. I make no apology for my stance. I feel that in my latter years, God has urged me to be a watchman, a sentinel, to protect vulnerable believers from falling prey to counterfeit doctrines.        I was just thinking about how bank tellers, business associates and convenience store attendants are always examining currency to see if the bills are counterfeit.

Applying the Process to Doctrine

         The way those aforementioned prepare for counterfeit currency is to first have a great knowledge of what the real thing looks like. Now, apply that to watching for those who slip in counterfeit doctrines. The better Christians know the truths of God’s Word, the better they are equipped to recognize false doctrines.

The Big Boss of Counterfeiting

         The term “counterfeiting ring” indicates there is a network of counterfeiters. Some print fake money, while others distribute it. But each of the networks has a Big Boss who designs the plates or graphics for what is being counterfeited.

      With regard to the network of doctrinal counterfeiters, there is a concerted effort to spread the falsehoods. This is done by false teachers, so-called pastors who have no conscience and susceptible followers who unwittingly spread the falsehoods. It is Satan who is the Big Boss of doctrinal counterfeiting. He hates God, despises all that Jesus is and is constantly at war with the Holy Spirit. Yet his approach is to do his best to mimic the Holy Trinity’s gospel by spreading half-truths (lies).

Counterfeits are Not Easily Detected

         For decades, fake currency was discovered by sight or by using a solution to test the ink used. Today an ultraviolet light is used to illuminate a security thread in the bill — each denomination has a different color light.

      What I am attempting to emphasize is that believers need to go the extra mile to recognize false teachers — whether pastors, podcasters, writers or even singers. Satan and his demons are technically savvy. They use everything known to mankind to keep humans from receiving the true doctrines of God’s Word. That can be by word of mouth, the internet, the author’s pen or subliminal influences.

Be Alert!

         Jesus told His followers about things that would take place prior to His second coming. Among those were the rise of counterfeiters of doctrine: “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people” (Matt. 24:10-11). Now why would Jesus say such? Because Jesus is Truth and there are, in fact, false teachers in abundance today.

Some Counterfeits to Watch For

         Counterfeiters of Truth are hypocritical liars! They depart the faith and yield to the influence of Satan. Their intent is to draw believers from Truth and hinder them from sharing the Good News of God’s Word to those who are lost. Here are some false teachings that must be examined and compared with God’s Word:

      • The teaching that Jesus is not God’s Son.

      • The foolishness that Jesus did not die on the cross or rise from the tomb.

      • The teaching that believers can lose God’s gift of salvation.

      • The teaching that believers are not truly blessed unless they follow the gospel of prosperity.

      • And the teaching that there is no Heaven or Hell.

      The sad thing is that people today are falling prey to such falsehoods. Fellow believers, God’s Word is the standard for Truth. Be alert! Test the spirits and the effects of the spiritual counterfeit networks that surround us.