Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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      This past week, we had the opportunity to meet at Central Baptist College for our annual state meeting here in Arkansas. It is always two days of reconnecting with other pastors and tending to the business of the BMA of Arkansas. Inevitably, I walk away from these gatherings, learning something or meeting someone new. It is a special treat for me as I have the privilege of representing the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department and reporting to the association. If you haven’t heard, I was elected again to serve as the director of the Youth Department. I appreciate the privilege of continuing to serve you and our churches in the area of student ministry.

      If you haven’t attended a state meeting in a while, I encourage you to join us next year for the 75th Annual Meeting of the BMA of Arkansas. It is going to be held again at Central Baptist College in Conway. I know you may have objections about attending these meetings, but they are essential to who we are. As a state department leader, I must be in attendance. Before being elected to serve, I would often find reasons to back out. The truth is, I don’t think I have ever regretted going once I got there. Let me give you some reasons why the BMA of Arkansas meeting is worth your time, and you should mark your calendar now to attend next year:

         • The staff at Central Baptist College — These men and women go out of their way to ensure a great experience each time we step on their campus. From the president to custodial staff, they constantly ask how they can help and accommodate us. I especially want to thank Duffy Guyton and his team for their hospitality. If you missed the Pastor and Church Leaders’ Appreciation Breakfast, you missed out. Jessica Faulkner, Mallory Guyton, Lisa Padgett and Billie Martinez gave us a great-tasting breakfast. They made us feel special as we heard about students blessed by the new BMA Promise Scholarship Program.

         • Being on the Central Baptist College campus and seeing the students — I love seeing the students on campus interacting with one another and seeing some of them share with us. The Music Department always does a great job, and this year did not disappoint. We heard from CBC Band, CBC Women’s Chorus and Worship Choir. CBC’s new band director, Donna Bradley, is doing a great job with the band and jumped in to direct the Worship Choir when Jim Turner had to miss the meeting because of the arrival of his brand-new grandbaby.

         • Proximity to the BMA National Headquarters — Going to the BMA of Arkansas state meeting in Conway allows you to visit the offices of Lifeword, BMA Global and BMA Financial. They are always excited to welcome guests and show you around their facilities.

         • Connection with other BMA pastors and people — We are part of a group of churches that care about the Word and making disciples. It is important to know others who are committed to that philosophy. I meet a few new people every year, and my world is expanded a little further.

         • Communication with BMA Department Leaders — While it is one thing to receive a letter or email from a state department, it is entirely another to be able to shake a hand and ask questions face-to-face. The focus at this meeting is state departments, but many of our national leaders also attend.

      I could continue about why you should join us next year, but let me just leave you with this thought — as a group, we can reach more than we can alone. Our mission efforts are multiplied when we work together and give in unity. Ultimately, we are better together.

      Be sure to mark your calendars for Nov. 7-8, 2024. We would love to see you there!