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How Do We Associate? (Part 4 – BPH)

By Jordan Tew, Executive Director

        Executive Editor’s Note: The “Moving the Conversation Forward” article by Associate Editor Allan Eakin in the Dec. 20 issue introduced a series of articles we would feature at the beginning of the new year. The first of these articles — “How Do We Associate?” — appeared in the Jan. 10 issue.

      In the Jan. 17 issue, we shared the stories of two of the ministries that are made possible because of the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas. We will return to the ministries from the state of Arkansas in a future issue.

      In the Jan. 24 issue, we shared the stories of the two largest ministries — BMA Global (Missions) and Lifeword — that are made possible because of the national association of churches — Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA).

      In this issue, we will share about the two other ministries that help maintain the identity of our association through education and training — BMA Theological Seminary and Baptist Publishing House. (All articles in this series are being made available and accessible to everyone at Look for the “Why An Association of Churches?” Series graphic.)

      Baptist Publishing House (BPH) is the publications ministry of the BMA of America. BPH is responsible for writing and publishing Bible studies (i.e., Sunday School curriculum) and other literature for the churches of the BMA. Our offices are located on the BMA Seminary campus in Jacksonville, Texas. BPH has a long history of publishing doctrinally sound resources for the churches of the BMA. This not only includes BMA churches in the United States, but also around the world.

      This is just as important today as it was 70 years ago. Today, churches have access to a world of information. Bible study courses, Sunday school or small group curriculum, children’s ministry resources and more can easily be bought online and shipped right to your door or downloaded onto your device. While the convenience is certainly nice, there is also a risk of using materials that do not uphold the doctrine of the BMA. One of the main reasons the BMA has her own publications ministry is to preserve the doctrine of the BMA. Without BMA curriculum, books, studies and other resources, our doctrine would quickly erode.

      Our mission is not only providing a comprehensive Bible study curriculum, but it is also preserving our doctrinal heritage as Missionary Baptists. We aim to serve the churches of the BMA by providing resources and preserving our doctrine. We are on the verge of an entirely new generation stepping into pulpits and leading Sunday School classrooms all over the nation. If we do not pass the torch of what we believe to them, BMA churches will begin losing their doctrine and, eventually, fade into a theological “no man’s land.” This need not happen.

      I serve as our executive director, and I am strongly committed to the local churches of the BMA and BMA doctrine. I care for each church and am always willing to serve them to the best of my abilities. One of the most important parts of my work to ensure that all BPH publications remain biblical and true to BMA doctrine. All curriculum writers are required to be “members in good standing of a local BMA church.” I am a graduate of Jacksonville College and BMA Seminary and a member and Sunday school teacher at First Baptist Church in New Summerfield, Texas. Over the years, I have served as a pastor, student pastor and college minister.

      I have the privilege of working with a gifted team. Dr. Philip Attebery, Dr. David Hellwig and Dr. Ronnie Johnson make up the editorial team for the Baptist Expositor curriculum. Their contributions cannot be overstated, as they work very hard to ensure the Baptist Expositor is grammatically correct and biblically accurate. In addition to this team of editors, I am assisted by Seth Hellwig, who serves as the administrative assistant for BPH, assisting churches with their orders, taking phone calls and serving in many other ways.

      In 2023, Baptist Publishing House released the first DiscipleKidz book, published and printed thousands of corresponding gospel tracts, began printing and distributing the DiscipleWay curriculum, printed Sunday School curricula for children and adults and Student Notes packets to assist in the teaching of youth-aged students. We also provided funds to buy three printers in Africa and assisted with various printing expenses in Latin America.

      In addition to these, all of our resources are translated into Spanish and made available free through our sister ministry, Editorial Bautista. In addition to these publications, Baptist Publishing House has provided training workshops for Sunday School teachers and pastors in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico.

      In 2024, we are planning to release the second DiscipleKidz book, reprint Brief Studies in Christian Doctrines by J.E. Cobb, The Joy of Bible Study by Dr. Joe Pendleton and publish a book on Baptist churches and associations adapted from the writings of D.N. Jackson. Several such resources are already available digitally on our website. These projects will be in addition to the writing, printing and training work we do on an ongoing basis.

      Baptist Publishing House has been blessed by the support of BMA churches and individuals. Your prayers and financial gifts make this ministry possible. As we head into a new year, there remains a need for your support. We have been able to write and publish more resources because of your support. God has blessed us through you, and we hope we have been able to bless you in return!

      Here is a helpful way to think about it: while buying curriculum keeps the wheels turning, monthly financial support allows us to move forward. We want to keep moving forward in 2024. Please pray for us as we endeavor to serve the churches of the BMA of America.

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