Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Digital BMA Ministers & Leaders Directory 2024

      The Baptist Trumpet partnered with LifeTouch Church Directories for many years to produce a BMA Pictorial Directory. The goal was to update it at least every five years. The last BMA Pictorial Directory was produced in 2015. We were scheduled to take photos to produce a new one during the BMAA meeting at Farley Street Baptist Church (now Pathway Baptist Church) in Waxahachie, Texas, in April 2020. As you may recall, we could not meet that year due to the pandemic, so we could not produce the directory in 2020.

      During the pandemic and accompanying shutdown of many churches, the LifeTouch Church Directory division shut down operations. Over the past few years, I searched for another company we could partner with to produce a new, updated pictorial directory. After talking to a few possible partners without success over the past few years, I received a phone call at the beginning of this year due to an online inquiry from Color Craft Church Directories, a division of Lifeway.

      After explaining what we wanted to do and how it has worked in the past, the Color Craft representative, Mark Roddy, agreed that he could do what we needed. So, I am excited to share that he will set up his studio services at the 2024 BMA of America meeting at Chateau on the Lake Resort in Branson, Mo. to photograph all BMA ministers, pastors, departmental directors, music, youth and education directors (and also a photo with their spouse if desired).

      Everyone who stops by and has their photograph taken for the directory will receive an 8×10 retouched copy of your photo. After the meeting, we will be able to provide a mobile digital directory available at

      In addition to getting your photo taken, you will also be able to update or add your information to the database we have on file for many of our pastors and leaders in the BMA. Our goal is to keep this as up to date as possible by allowing you to access it and provide the latest information. Please watch for upcoming information on how you can do this.

      We hope everyone will stop by and have their photo taken during the meeting. In order to give you a little more incentive, we will be drawing for three $50 gift restaurant gift cards at the conclusion of the meeting from those who participate.