Thursday, May 23, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
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New Rates Begin This Week

     The rate increase that was approved at the state meeting last month goes into effect with this issue. Here at the Trumpet, we have three sources of income — subscription rates, regular monthly offerings and yearly Special Emphasis offerings. We can only control one of those sources of income and that is why, along with the Publications Committee, we felt it was necessary to raise rates to lessen the deficit we are experiencing each week.

     If you remember, according to the numbers that have been shared in the past, even with the new rates, we are still not bringing in the full cost to produce and distribute the paper with our rate increase. That is why we are asking for people to join the Trumpet team. We are looking for 90 churches or individuals that are willing to give $39 per month (since we began in 1939) for the next year to eliminate the remaining deficit.

     I already shared about our first Trumpet team member, Stuart Estes and his wife, and we also received a check for the full year’s commitment ($468) from North View Baptist Church in North Little Rock. Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry!

Can You Help?

     We are not asking for “extra” funds, but simply seeking to raise the funds needed to “break-even” with each issue produced. It is crucial that we fill each of our “team member” slots so that we can keep moving forward in this ministry.

     If you would like to join our team, please visit or scan the QR code to the right to let us know. We can help you set up automatic monthly payments for $39 or you can simply mail us a check for $39 each month with the memo “Trumpet Team.” If you prefer to send a one-time donation of $468 for the year, please note that it is for the Trumpet Team.

Please Pray

     Will you also join with us in praying that God will honor our faithful stewardship and provide from his “cattle on a thousand hills” (Psa. 50:10)? God has been faithful to this ministry, and I believe He will continue to be faithful. We trust He has a plan for the future of the Baptist Trumpet, and we sincerely want to follow His leadership as new opportunities come our way.