Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023
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What Wisemen Know — Matt. 2.1-12

         In our culture to be wise means “book learning.” Wisdom in the culture of the Scriptures means put into practice a grasp of the eternal — the ultimate truths of God.

         Wisemen know at least seven things:

         • Wisemen know how to be patient.

         • Wisemen are persistent.

         • Wisemen look for providence.

         • Wisemen practice worship.

         • Wisemen place value on the joy of giving.

         • Wisemen possess the spirit of Christmas.

         • Wisemen perceive the point of Christmas.

         The Christian has wisdom to know and understand:

         • Jesus is the ultimate truth of God.

         • Christmas means to worship the Savior.

         • Right now, say “yes” to Jesus’ claim on your life.

         What do you need in your life in order to be wise with God?



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