Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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God is Always Faithful

         I hope you have noticed a theme in many of my columns over the past 14 months since I became the executive editor. It is something that, throughout my 25-plus years of ministry, has brought me peace in the midst of difficult times and hope in the good times. It is the fact that God is always faithful!

         I am reminded of that often. Sometimes it is through the faithfulness of His people as they give above and beyond regular offerings to meet the needs of this ministry. Sometimes it is in the little things like what happened in the office this week.

         Monday afternoon, a call came into the office and Donna noticed that it was not on our main two lines for the office. Now, that may not seem significant until I tell you that, to my knowledge, we only had two lines for the office! This began the investigation that led to us finding out that we were actually paying for our two main lines, an old fax line that was thought to be canceled already and a mystery number we didn’t know about.

         After a long time on hold, Allan was able to drop the two lines that we no longer used/needed, make some other updates to the account and add some new services that will help us be more efficient. So, how does this show that God is faithful in the little things? After all of that, we were able to reduce our bill by about $100 per month! And all of this started with a phone call to a number no one knew was still active. Some would say it was just a coincidence, but I call that my God being faithful, as always!

Trumpet Team

         We are continuing to have others join the Trumpet Team. If you need more information about what that is and how you can be on the team, visit I incorrectly listed New Caney Baptist Church in Plumerville as a Trumpet Team member in last week’s column. It should have been listed as Caney Valley Baptist Church in Plumerville. I also want to recognize Grace Baptist Church in Russellville as a new Trumpet Team member who increased their monthly giving (at least $39 per month) to help us.

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