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Landon’s Story

         There comes a time in life in which circumstance forces you to decide if you really believe everything you’ve heard and everything you’ve told others about Jesus. I call those moments “defining moments.” Landon’s story was one of those defining moments for his parents.

         Nine-year-old Landon and his dad finished baseball practice and chose to stick around and watch the local high school team play baseball. Suddenly, Landon started screaming, “Daddy, make my head stop hurting! Make my head stop hurting!”

         Landon never had any prior health issues, so his dad took him to a nearby convenience store to purchase some water. They sat for a moment, hoping the discomfort would pass. When the two decided to stand up, Landon could not. In addition, Landon’s left arm would not move.

         At that point, Landon’s dad realized the seriousness of the situation and called 911. Landon was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn. Landon was diagnosed with a brain tumor that wrapped around his optic nerve. His tumor was benign but serious. The doctors determined that surgery was not safe due to possible loss of eyesight. He was later accepted to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis and treated with chemotherapy pills.

         Today, Landon is slowly regaining movement on the left side of his body with regular physical therapy. However, a full recovery is uncertain.

         Landon’s story was shared with those who attended the 2021 National Senior Adult Conference in Branson, Mo. Landon’s mom is gospel music singer Lauren Talley.

         In a private interview, Lauren shared these thoughts concerning the initial reaction to the news of a tumor:

         “The Scripture talks about giving our anxiety and our worries to God and He will guard our hearts. Initially, I felt oddly calm. I am a fixer, but I was forced to realize that there was nothing I could do to fix the issue. When you get the phone call, you must decide if you really believe everything you’ve heard and (everything you’ve) told others about Him. In that moment, when you realize you are powerless, there is a certain peace that comes from that.”

         Lauren continued, “There have been days where he has struggled, and his parents have struggled, and we pick each other up, hold onto Jesus and hold on to each other. There will be times of frustration. Times where you want to give up. But to the family that is struggling, realize you are not alone, if you look for them, God will teach you lessons along the way. He has proven Himself to be faithful. I remember thinking, but God my son… my son. But He knows what that is like!”

         According to Lauren, some simple take-aways from this story so far are:

         • I am not in control of anything.

         • God always has a good plan, even when I can’t see it

         • Learn to look for the beautiful in the middle of the ugly.

         • He (God) is everything that He says He is.