Saturday, December 9, 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023
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2022 re:Charge Leader’s Oasis

By Nick Jacobson, BMA Conferences Manager • BMA of America

Mark 3 describes Jesus withdrawing from the crowds that had begun following him everywhere. It was the most important time in history. The Messiah had come to save the world and He would soon appoint the Twelve. He would teach mankind the most radical ideas ever heard, and Jesus took time to get away and pray, to reset and refocus. If the Son of God took time to do so, how much more should we look for opportunities to change our pace and reframe our minds.

Re:Charge Leaders Oasis is scheduled for Sept. 27-29 at the beautiful Hotel Hot Springs in Hot Springs. Bill Elliff, pastor, author and speaker will be speaking this year. Travis Sellers, worship arts pastor at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway will lead worship and funny man Brad Stine will be our dinner entertainment one evening.

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