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Moral Action 2022

By Dr. John Adams, Executive Director

The Moral Action Agency trip to Missouri and Washington, D.C. was a delight and spiritually uplifting. Moral Action is a missionary, evangelistic and teaching work, all in one agency of the Baptist Missionary Association. Since beginning in the 1980s, the former director, the late Dr. Roy McLaughlin of Michigan, and I have carried a banner for our God and the BMA.

Our people are beginning to see that this endeavor is worthy of prayer and financial support from all our churches, pastors, deacons and other departments of the BMA. The eyes of our Savior are on this effort. We go in His name and for His cause, and that makes us glad in Christ.

Mrs. Adams (Darla) and I left for middle Missouri on Saturday, June 4 to speak at Ohlman Baptist Church in Bunker, Mo. As a fellow Southerner, I would declare — “right in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forrest.”

It is a spirit-filled church under the capable leadership of Pastor Terry Sharpe. Bro. Sharpe and WMA Leader Janet Widger extended this invitation for God and Country. A gracious love offering was shared with Moral Action. They see the value of this agency for the BMA churches and its outreach to America.

We traveled from there on to Washington, D.C. before returning to Mississippi. (a total of 2,500 plus miles round trip). Staying less than 3 to 5 blocks away from the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. Supreme Court, we saw America at work closely.

God allowed us to share two Facebook-John Adams films at the Washington National Cathedral to pray that our nation will return to the God of Eternity. The second film was at the U.S. Pentagon, with 800 hits on our Facebook pages. People are truly concerned.

Tuesday gave us encouragement as we interviewed U.S. Representative Brian Steil of Wisconsin. This congressman has been and is a conservative Christian who made his stand crystal clear about America needing a return to God.

We attended the U.S. Congressional Briefing in the lower Auditorium of the Hyatt Regency at Capitol Hill. Moral Action has and will stand for godly living, with biblical precedent. In the Congressional Briefing, there were positive and negative words about Roe vs. Wade, the securing of the southern U.S. borders, etc.

Having known of the work done by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), we discussed with Congressman Steil how the three-judge Ninth Circuit Court wants to remove “under God” in the pledge. We also discussed this with US Congressman from Georgia 8th District Austin Scott; Alabama 4th District Robert Aderholt; U.S. Senator James Langford of Oklahoma, who is very familiar with BMA folks, and U.S. House member Lee Zelden of Long Island-New York (who is running for New York governor). Congressman Zelden is a Jew with strong Israeli ties. We talked of our faithfulness to the nation Israel and Jerusalem and discussed:

• Maintaining the words “under God” in the pledge to our American flag;

• Having all our U.S. borders secured;

• The undying support of God’s people, Israel;

• The words “In God We Trust” on our coins/currency;

• The overturn of Roe vs. Wade with the volatile subject of abortion, and

• The sins of homosexuality in men and women, etc. of moral issues.

We were not able to see U.S. Senator Ted Cruz for our visit with him. His Chief of Staff reminded us of his frequent trips to Uvalde, Texas, and the overwhelming sadness and horror of that small town and its families.

May I suggest all who read this not take our freedoms for granted. There are those who hate God, hate our nation and truly hate Christians. Our strength is in Him, the God of Heaven and Earth.

All these efforts to e-mail, text, write letters, Facebook and travel to D.C. and actually meet and talk face-to-face was and is our work for Christ. We saw the entire Briefing Legislature picture taken. Our prayers are with them. I invite you to keep praying for these leaders.

They had on their minds the end to violence on the streets of America, the border calamity, the economy and Roe vs. Wade.

Darla and I were blessed to represent godly BMA and Christian people, churches, pastors and all Christian workers. May God return us to Him and His Kingdom!

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence, I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory, the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. Trust in him at all times, ye people, pour out your heart before him, God is a refuge for us. Selah” (Psa. 62:5-8).