Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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The Master’s Builders Work At Jacksonville College

By Nelda Malone

The Master’s Builders (TMB) had the privilege of returning to Jacksonville Baptist College (JBC) June 6-15 to work their 177th job. While there, they built a GaGa pit, enlarged the entrance to the restrooms in the cafeteria, remodeled the home and visitors’ athletic rooms in the gym, built eight decorative fences for AC unit coverage outside and built a wall in the Ragsdale dorm. A couple of our men also went to Daniel Springs Camp for a day to help with some electrical projects before camp starts there.

Thank you to those who helped make this job such a blessing for us all! Special thanks to the JBC Chef Joe Yzaquirre who prepared, transported and cleaned up after each lunch and supper meal. He was a trooper! Thanks to one of our TMB couples, Myrtle and Leo Sketo, from Leaksville, Miss., who brought fruit and vegetables for us all to enjoy while we were there. Thanks to First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas for the fellowship, the great meal and the M&M’s ladies group that always includes our ladies in their special meeting every June. Thanks to Brenda Bateman, daughter-in-law of missionary, Jack Bateman, who spoke to our ladies’ group one day. She certainly has a great gift!

Thank you to our dear friend, Randy Decker, who came and joined our men in their work. Thank you to George for all you do around the campus! We all feel that you are one of us now! Thank you to Craig for all the running around to get supplies for each of the jobs! And last but not least, our new friend, Heath Malinak, of Rusk, Texas, who saved our hot, tired, worn out men from the small, inadequate post hole auger! The last day was tough on them all as they struggled drilling out the post holes! Heath came and brought a beautiful green tractor with an auger on the back! Thank you, Lord, for his kindness! (You have to see Facebook to appreciate how miraculous this was!)

We ask that you pray for Joe Lightner, president of Jacksonville College and the vision he has for the college. Pray that this college will grow and be a spiritual light for the young men and women who choose to come there.

There is so much we could share on these jobs, but there’s not enough space to put it all down! We continue to ask for prayer for our men. Many of them have had health problems recently — seems stints have been rampant! However, they keep showing up to work for the Master. Pray for more workers to join us. Our faithful workers are wearing out. We trust God to supply all our needs!

If you have questions about The Master’s Builders ministry or your church has building needs, contact Mike Green at (972) 935-3877 or David Axe at (903) 918-0720.