Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Over the past several years, we have all navigated some difficult times. Our student ministries, as well as churches, have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. During this time, we have done our best to operate on a shoestring budget. I have not wanted to ask for much because I know that it has been difficult for everyone. However, now is the time for me to put the ball in your court.

Out of the 331 churches in the BMA of Arkansas, we only have 10-12 churches that financially support the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. This ranges from $10 to several hundred dollars per month, totaling an average of $600-$800. These monthly gifts really aren’t enough for us to do the basic ministry we hope to do. What is that ministry? We exist to support those that are impacting the next generation for Jesus. We do that through a weekly podcast and an annual retreat.

The Student Ministry Matters Podcast has over 140 episodes and over 19,000 downloads since we began releasing episodes in 2020. Considering we target small to mid-sized churches with full-time, part-time and volunteer student ministry workers, I am thrilled by those numbers. We now have listeners in all 50 states and in 90 countries.

The Student Ministry Workers Retreat is heading into its sixth year. We have come a long way since our first retreat in Little Rock at South City Church. Our attendance has risen to 65-80. We have main sessions, with worship and breakout groups. It is a great time as our student ministry workers come together to connect and learn.

There are other things we hope to do and accomplish, but we just don’t have the finances to see that happen. Ultimately, my goal for us is to receive $2,000 per month from our churches. While that isn’t much if divided up over the 320 other churches, it would make a significant impact on how we could support and encourage student ministry workers.

How do we get there? What do we do to reach our goals? Partnership!

The BMA of Arkansas Youth Department exists for the churches of the BMA of Arkansas and beyond. We can only do what we are empowered to do through the gifting of the churches. Will you consider becoming one of our financial partners? You might think, “We don’t have any youth. We don’t need to support this.” But your gifts support those that do. It may be another BMA church in your community, or it may be one across the state. However you look at it, our goal is to help those that are seeking to reach the next generation, and that is a worthy endeavor with which to partner.

In addition to seeking new monthly supporters, we would like for you to consider taking a special offering on Jan. 15 for the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. January 16 is “National Good Teen Day,” established in 1995 under President Bill Clinton’s administration to encourage better connection with teens. It is a perfect opportunity to remember students and student ministry workers by giving toward our department. The goal of $7,500 is enough to cover the variety of expenses we encounter as a part of our annual Student Ministry Workers Retreat.

If you have questions, call me at (479) 790-7808 (my cell) or email me at bmayouthdepartment@gmail.com. While this is a part-time role for me, it is one I believe in, and I would be more than happy to come and share on a Sunday evening about the ministry or talk to your groups throughout the week.