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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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I love the SOAR Conference. It has been impacting students since 1991, and I have had the privilege of attending 15 of those events. The SOAR leadership always does an excellent job of providing sound teachers and great worship. I could easily spend this article talking about the work of those out front. However, I want to highlight some of the “Unsung Heroes” of SOAR that make the event a great time for students.

This year, I had the joy of taking students again. For the past several years, I couldn’t get my students to go with me. I have continued to attend to represent the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department. This year, I had the opportunity to look at the event through the eyes of an attendee again. With that perspective, I want to thank three groups:

• Let’s thank the SOAR volunteers. If you were at the event, you saw a group of primarily college-age students wearing bright pink shirts. These young people were everywhere. They pointed us to registration, helped in the village and answered questions. Jason Prewitt of Daniel Springs Camp recruited and provided leadership to these energetic students.

• Let’s thank the Prayer Team leaders. For the past several years, Wade and Joanna Allen of Temple Baptist Church in Rogers have coordinated the SOAR Prayer Ministry. This year, their daughter, Carly, joined them. This team provided a space on site for students and leaders to pray. They created an online prayer guide for attendees. They even enlisted people around the country to pray for the event while it was happening. We believe in prayer and know that God hears His people. I am so thankful for their ministry during this event.

• Let’s thank the sponsors. As I looked around this year at the end of the event, I saw many small groups taking pictures. I thought about those groups on the way home. Some had paid youth leaders, but many simply had men and women who love students and want God’s best for them. These sponsors were also there within the big groups. They gave of their time, money and energy to invest in young people. Events like SOAR couldn’t happen without them.

Those that work with students don’t do it for the accolades. They serve the church and its students because they know how impactful these years are. If you know of someone in one of these three categories, let them know how you appreciate them. And, whether or not your student ministry workers and group went to SOAR, be sure to let them how much they mean to you.

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