Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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JTC Generator Project Update

By Dr. Eric Goble, Pastor • Brister Baptist Church, Emerson

Thanks to all of the churches and individuals who have responded to our recent appeal to raise funds to purchase a new generator for Just the Crumbs ministry. We have received approximately $15,000 toward the purchase price so far. However, the supplier just notified us of a $7,000 price increase, which brings the goal up to $42,000 to provide a new generator for the disaster relief ministry.

Just the Crumbs (JTC) has just issued a deployment notice to travel to the North Florida/South Georgia area to assist in disaster relief in response to Hurricane Idalia. They will be on-site for an undetermined amount of time until the basic humanitarian needs are met in the area. Any funds received that exceed the purchase price for the generator will be donated to JTC to be applied to their greatest needs.

Once again, please make checks out to Brister Baptist Church with the memo “Generator” and mail them to 3711 Hwy. 79 South, Emerson, Ark. 71740.

Executive Editor’s Note: JTC is currently deployed in Perry County, Florida in response to Hurricane Idalia and is feeding about 200 meals each day. The funding is very slow coming in to help cover expenses. You can give through PayPal (justthecrumbs21@gmail.com) or mail funds to Just The Crumbs, 10 Wagon Trail, Sumrall, Miss. 39482. Whether you are able to contribute financially or not, please pray for Just the Crumbs and those they are serving.